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LeafFilter vs. K-Guard Price and Warranty Comparison

Gutters and gutter protection are an investment in the safety and value of your home, so choosing the right system with an excellent gutter warranty is essential. When comparing gutter guard options for your home, your budget and the purchase price matter, but so do the long-term value of your gutters!

When looking at adding LeafFilter gutter guards to your existing gutters versus the all-inclusive gutter system we offer at K-Guard, here is what you should know about the purchase price and the included warranties:


LeafFilter Price vs. K-Guard Price

Gutter pricing tends to vary quite a bit depending on the size and scope of your home’s gutter needs, but several other factors can influence the ultimate cost of gutter guards and systems. While typically more expensive up front than LeafFilter gutter guards, K-Guard gutter systems are a much more durable, high-quality investment that will mean less maintenance and more long-term savings.


Gutter Addition vs. Gutter Replacement

One significant difference between LeafFilter and K-Guard is that one is just attached to your existing gutters and the other is a complete gutter protection system. LeafFilter gutter guards are installed on top of most standard gutters, adding just a layer of mesh. While these filters can prevent some leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters, K-Guard gutters are a complete system that includes both gutter protection and the gutters themselves for a seamless product designed to work with itself.

Because LeafFilter gutter guards are an addition to your gutter system, they are inherently less expensive than replacing your gutter system as a whole. However, this cost difference comes at a price of its own, as gutter guards may not fit with all gutters seamlessly, reducing overall performance and reliability.


Quality of Materials

Because gutter systems are such an important investment for protecting your home against water damage, the quality of the materials matters. K-Guard gutter systems are built with heavy-duty 0.032 aluminum for the best durability gutters can ask for. This material will not corrode and is built to withstand the harshest of conditions to protect your home for decades.

LeafFilter systems are composed of a wire mesh screen mounted in a plastic frame. While they may be durable enough in the short term, LeafFilter guitar guards aren’t as reliable and may clog over time. In fact, there have been several lawsuits filed against LeafFilter, including a nationwide class action settlement for $5.2 million in Zilinksky v. LeafFilter North, LLC. The lawsuit alleged that the LeafFilter gutter system suffers from a defect that hinders it from functioning properly in moderate to heavy rainfall, among other issues.


Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are usually not a one-time purchase, as they require regular cleaning and maintenance to optimize performance. For instance, the mesh gutter guard design LeafFilter uses requires power washing every few years to prevent clogging. Additionally, the longevity of your gutter guards is connected to the lifetime of your existing gutters, meaning if the gutters fail and require repair or replacement, so may the LeafFilter gutter guards.

K-Guard gutter systems have a built-in hood that separates water and debris, creating a self-cleaning design that is virtually maintenance-free. Since it’s built as an all-in-one gutter system customized uniquely to your home, K-Guard gutter systems are innately more reliable and long-lasting than any other gutter system on the market.


LeafFilter vs. K-Guard Gutter Warranty

A trustworthy gutter warranty means not worrying about gutter failures and the potentially very costly damage they may cause. When a gutter protection brand believes in its product, they have no reason not to offer a comprehensive warranty that protects you from any mishaps!

Here’s how our warranty compares with LeafFilter:

LeafFilter Warranty

LeafFilter provides a lifetime warranty with their gutter guards, giving customers a 100% refund “of the material purchase price” if their gutter guards allow your gutters to clog and overflow. This warranty is transferable to future homeowners and valid for the lifetime of the home. Because your gutters are not a LeafFilter product, they are not covered by this warranty.

K-Guard Warranty

A lifetime warranty may be impressive, but it’s nothing compared to three lifetime warranties! The K-Guard gutter system is ensured through three complete lifetime warranties, all of which are transferable and valid for the lifetime of your home:

The Clog-Free Warranty

The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is designed to remain clog-free for the lifetime of your home and in all weather conditions, empowering us to provide a 100% lifetime clog-free warranty!

The No Pull-Away Warranty

Because our system includes the gutters themselves, we also ensure you are covered for their durability. The “No Pull Away” warranty speaks to the robust polymers engineered to fully support the gutter hood so the system stays firmly in place, never pulling away from your home.

The Paint Warranty

Because our gutter systems are designed with high-quality aluminum that will never corrode, we guarantee the aesthetic appearance of your beautiful new gutters for the lifetime of your home! Short of damage to metal relating to other home accessories and obstructions, even the aesthetics of your gutters are covered under the K-Guard warranty.


Invest in the Best Gutters in the Heartland

K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Systems are, simply put, unbeatable value for your investment. Our gutter systems provide clog-free protection you can rely on all year round. To learn more about how K-Guard gutters can both protect and elevate your home, request an estimate today!


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