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How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage with K-Guard Gutters This Spring

Springtime showers may bring flowers, but those same showers can also cause water damage and mold if your home is not properly protected! Gutters are designed to collect precipitation and divert it from your home, keeping water away from your roof, siding, and foundation. However, not all gutters are created equal!

Gutters can easily clog and may even cause water damage if they’re improperly maintained! But there is an alternative. K-Guard gutters are built to withstand all manner of weather and remain clog-free, guaranteeing your home will stay safe from water damage and mold. If you’re looking for Overland Park gutters to protect your home this spring, here’s why K-Guard is just the solution you need.


Springtime Water Damage and Mold Risks in Overland Park

Spring is the season of heaviest rainfall in Overland Park and other parts of Kansas and Kansas City. In May alone, we can anticipate as much as 4-5 inches of rain. Rainstorms can blow in fast and hard, so being prepared is important.

In addition to the heavier rains, any Kansas resident will tell you that the humidity can be brutal. While it may not be uncomfortably hot humidity like in the summer, the increased moisture in the air can make it more difficult for wet areas to dry out. This means any water damage in your home can quickly result in mold as it fails to dry before the next rainfall.


Choosing the Right Overland Park Gutters

When researching gutter options in Overland Park and the surrounding areas, you need to make sure they can hold up under the pressures of intense storms. Some key features Overland Park gutters need include:

  • Large troughs to keep up with heavier precipitation
  • Gutter guards to keep out leaves and other debris blown over your roof during high winds
  • And a seamless design to reduce the chance of gutter leaks


It can be difficult to find all of these features in one gutter system, especially because most gutter guards are installed separately. This is why K-Guard is the best choice for protecting your home from water damage and mold: this system has all of the above features and more!


How K-Guard Gutters Protect Your Home from Water Damage

K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter Systems are designed to do exactly what gutters should: protect your home from water damage—without excessive upkeep or maintenance. Whereas most gutters can even worsen water damage if not properly maintained, K-Guard gutters are guaranteed to remain clog-free and last a lifetime!

Here is how K-Guard gutters do the work for you to protect your home from water damage all year round:

High-Quality Materials

K-Guard gutters are made with heavy-duty aluminum that won’t corrode. These materials are durable enough to withstand all weather conditions. Even the paint job on your gutters is important to prevent rust and mildew, which are common issues with traditional open-top gutters. The paint on your K-Guard gutters will not chip and is covered by warranty, ensuring your gutters will never rust or corrode.


Beautiful, Oversized Troughs

K-Guard gutter systems have oversized five-inch troughs to allow even more rainfall or melting snow to flow quickly off your roof and away from your home. With K-Guard, you can rest easy knowing that your gutters are built to keep up with the most torrential of storms!


Innovative Gutter Protection

K-Guard gutter guards are more than your average gutter guard. The curved hood shape guides water down into the trough while keeping leaves, debris, and pests out. You don’t need to worry about debris collecting on top of your gutter guards and creating the dreaded “gutter garden” because the curved hood and smooth materials cause anything falling on top besides water to slide off and down to the ground!


Maintenance-free Care

K-Guard gutters are guaranteed to be maintenance-free and clog-free—period. This guarantee is backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures you won’t have to pay a single cent if your gutters clog or require maintenance.


A Seamless Experience

K-Guard gutter systems are seamless gutters. This means instead of screwing together pre-cut sections of gutters, we measure and cut gutters to the exact specifications of your home. Seams in gutters present a risk of leaking as water may drip out on its way to the downspout. Since K-Guard gutters are custom-made for your home, you can trust that they’ll have an exceptional fit and beautiful curb appeal!


Gutters for Overland Park and Beyond!

If you’re in the market for Overland Park gutters or live in the surrounding areas and are interested in K-Guard gutters, contact us for a free estimate! We’ve helped homeowners all over the Heartland stay dry and safe from water damage and mold and with our financing options you don’t have to wait to get the protection you need!


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