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Seamless Gutters vs. Gutter Screens & Filters: Which is Better?

A close view of a gutter full of leaves and debris.

At K-Guard, we get some frequent questions that we enjoy discussing. After all, we love what we do, and after decades of experience, we’ve seen it all. One of our most frequently asked questions is which is better for a home: seamless gutters or gutter screens/filters?

If you’ve pondered the same, then you’re like most homeowners. Many will wonder if it’s worth the cost of installing a new seamless gutter system or if it’s easier and better to install gutter screens and filters over their existing gutter system. Keep reading as we compare the two and determine which one is better.


What Are Seamless Gutters?

Traditional gutters with seams are attached to a home and are installed piece by piece. Each section is connected by a joint and fastened and secured using bolts and screws. The issue with seams and joints is that they leak easily due to the bolts and screws at each joint loosening over time or due to severe weather. Debris can also get trapped inside the joints, exacerbating existing clogs or leaks. 

Unlike traditional gutter systems, seamless gutters have no joints that connect multiple pieces of material. Seamless gutters are constructed by using a rolling machine to make one continuous piece of gutter. There are many benefits to installing seamless gutters – we’ll get to that a little later.


What are Gutter Screens/Filters?

Gutter screens and filters are similar, both designed to keep debris out of the inside of a gutter. Gutter screens are made of meshoften stainless steeland are placed on top of an open-top gutter system or half-round gutter system. Gutter filters are similar, except they have a component on the screen that collects seeds and small debris. Both gutter screens and filters are installed by placing them directly over an existing gutter system. Some homeowners install them themselves or hire a gutter installation company that installs gutter screens and filters.

Gutter screens and filters are a popular choice among homeowners who want to protect the inside of their gutters but don’t want to replace their existing gutter system. While they can initially be less expensive to install versus an entirely new gutter system, they may cost you more in the long run.


Which is Best for My Home?

Now that you know the difference between seamless gutters and gutter screens and filters, you may be wondering which is best for your home. No matter your home’s style and design, how many stories it is, or the complexity of the roof or dormers, the best gutter option for your home is seamless gutters.

In theory, gutter screens and gutter filters sound like a great idea. However, they don’t offer the protection that seamless gutters do. Because gutter filters have small openings on the top of the filter, small seeds and other tiny debris like shingle sediment and pine needles can enter the gutter. Gutter filters act as a shelf to collect debris like leaves, twigs, and rocks, allowing them to sit on top of the filter, creating excess weight and blocking the small openings. 

Not only can debris block the small openings of gutter screens and filters, but the tiny seeds we mentioned that can make their way inside the gutter can grow and sprout, creating an unsightly mess. All a seed needs to grow is soil, water, and sunlight and all are found inside a gutter system with screens or filters installed. Weeds sprouting through a gutter system is an eyesore that takes away from the beauty of any home.

Seamless gutters also eliminate leaks. Because there are no joints for debris to get trapped or for the joints to loosen, water flow won’t be impeded and will flow freely throughout the gutter system. They’re also custom-made to fit your home, complementing your home’s beauty. The best option for installing seamless gutters is to install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System.


K-Guard Seamless Gutters

K-Guard’s seamless gutter system is a complete system with a hood that allows debris to slide off, only allowing water to enter the system. The possibility of leaks is eliminated, and so is the chance for debris to enter the system, eradicating clogs and the need for you to clean your gutters ever again.

How is K-Guard seamless? When you hire K-Guard, we make your seamless gutters on the spot inside our large truck. Our truck has a rolling machine that slowly bends flat coil stock to make your gutters the perfect fit for your home. They’re custom-cut on the spot and are guaranteed to be a perfect fit. Our gutter installation process is simple and timely, taking about 4-6 hours on average.

We offer our gutter installation service to homeowners across Missouri and Kansas including but not limited to the following locations: Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, Olathe, Shawnee, Independence, Lenexa, and Lee’s Summit. Contact K-Guard today to schedule your free estimate!


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