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The Top Five Reasons Kansas City Homeowners Switch to K-Guard Gutters in Spring

As the heavier rainfall in spring puts your gutters to the test, you want them to pass the test with flying colors. This is the time of year when many homeowners in Overland Park and other parts of Kansas City discover how important it is to have high-quality gutters.

Homeowners make the switch to K-Guard gutters for several reasons, and many of these become apparent in the torrential downpours of spring. If you’re dissatisfied with your Overland Park gutters and are considering an upgrade, here are the top five reasons Kansas City homeowners choose K-Guard. Let’s count it down!


5. They Want to Boost Their Curb Appeal

The curb appeal is a big selling point for our customers! As homeowners enter into spring cleaning and remodeling mode, gutters may end up at the forefront of their minds if the current setup is looking rather the worse for wear.

Gutters can make or break your home’s aesthetic, and cheap gutters that will corrode or sag can quickly become an eyesore. K-Guard gutters have the durability to maintain their beautiful appearance for decades to come, and the K-style design looks stunning on any style of home. K-Guard gutters are available in a wide variety of color options, which makes complementing your siding and roof a breeze.


4. Their Gutters Keep Overflowing

The best gutters are those you never have to worry about! And if yours are constantly overflowing, they are not the best gutters. Gutters with shallow troughs can easily overflow during the heavier downpours of April and May in the Overland Park area, leading to trenching in your landscaping and even water flooding into your basement and causing mold and damage.

K-Guard is the obvious choice to solve this problem because the oversized troughs are made to keep up with any amount of precipitation! With a design that integrates principles of flow to keep the water moving quickly away from your home, homeowners with K-Guard gutters never have to worry about overflow.


3. They’re Tired of Cleaning Out Gutters

The intense wind storms of Kansas can be brutal on home exteriors, especially with the amount of leaves and debris that can get blown around. One of these storms’ most common side effects? Clogged gutters are in constant need of cleaning! Clogs can lead to water pooling in gutters and flooding over the side or back onto the roof, siding, and fascia board.

Having your gutters cleaned multiple times yearly gets expensive, but doing it yourself is very dangerous. Homeowners who tire of constantly dealing with clogged gutters love how K-Guard gutter systems are guaranteed to be maintenance-free! K-Guard’s innovative gutter protection system keeps the leaves and debris out while letting the water in, ensuring you never have to worry about gutter maintenance and saving you a lot of money and stress.


2. They Love the Comprehensive Warranty

Homeowners know the value of a good warranty, especially when it’s transferable. That makes it a valuable investment in the resale value of your home! Because of the three-piece lifetime warranty, you’ll never regret investing in K-Guard gutters. Here are the three parts of the K-Guard warranty that Overland Park homeowners love:

Lifetime Paint Warranty

K-Guard gutters will never corrode and the paint will never chip or peel! If your paint ever does need a touch-up, however, the expense won’t come out of your pocket. All K-Guard gutter systems are protected by a lifetime paint warranty that covers any repairs your paint job may need.


Lifetime Clog-free Warranty

K-Guard gutters don’t ever clog—full stop. We are so confident in our product that we guarantee it will remain clog-free, meaning if it ever gets even the slightest clog we will come to clean it out and inspect the system for what may have caused the issue to occur. Even if we don’t find a clog and your gutters are in perfect condition, you won’t have to pay. This warranty has you covered!


Lifetime Pull Away Warranty

K-Guard gutters are as sturdy as they come, and the patented high-strength hangers ensure these gutters will never sag or lose their shape. If you have K-Guard gutters, you’ll never need to worry about them pulling away from your home or sagging—but if you do, your warranty has it covered!


1. They Need Gutter Protection That Works

Homeowners who tire of clogged gutters and pests on their roofs often look into gutter guards or hoods to protect against these damaging elements. Unfortunately, many gutter guards on the market today can do more harm than good.

Traditional gutter guards are attached on top of existing gutter systems with either a mesh or hood design to keep debris and pests out while letting water flow into the trough. Unfortunately, these guards may not fit properly on gutters they weren’t designed for and may still allow debris in while making cleaning more complicated. Even if they fit the gutter system well, gutter guards can simply turn into a shelf for debris to collect on, eventually creating a dam on your roof that keeps water from getting into your gutter system.

K-Guard gutters come with integrated gutter guards in the form of curved hoods that guide water into the trough while leaves and debris simply slide over top and down to the ground. Homeowners who switch to K-Guard gutters aren’t just upgrading their gutters—they’re upgrading their entire system to create a leaf-free experience that they’ll never need to worry about!

If you need new gutters this spring in Overland Park or the surrounding areas, contact us for a free estimate on a beautiful and reliable K-Guard Leaf-free Gutter System!


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