How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage with K-Guard Gutters This Spring

Springtime showers may bring flowers, but those same showers can also cause water damage and mold if your home is not properly protected! Gutters are designed to collect precipitation and divert it from your home, keeping water away from your roof, siding, and foundation. However, not all gutters are created equal! Gutters can easily clog […]

K-Guard Gutters: Preparing for Snow and Ice

Suburban Home With Snow on Roof - K-Guard Heartland

You know the saying we Midwesterners have about our ever-changing weather: Don’t like the weather? Just wait five minutes! Kansas City residents should always be prepared for the possibility of snow and ice during these winter months, and one area you should make sure is protected from this damaging precipitation is your roof—more specifically, your […]

How Gutter Guards Can Save You Money and Give You Peace of Mind

Owning a home isn’t cheap, as any homeowner will attest! And that’s why the longest-lasting solutions are also the most cost-effective! If your gutters are constantly clogging and in need of cleaning and repair, one solution to consider is gutter guards. Gutter guards are a helpful addition to your gutter system that helps them to […]

Are Gutters On Your Home Necessary?

While most homes have gutters, some homeowners opt to go without them entirely. If you recently purchased a home that doesn’t have gutters or has old, damaged gutters in desperate need of replacement, you may find yourself asking: are gutters necessary? Do you really need gutters on your home, or are they unnecessary for some […]

The Science Behind K-Guard Gutter Guards

Top corner of house showing the K-Guard Gutter Guard - K-Guard Heartland

K-Guard gutter guards are set apart by more than just their seamless design and the all-in-one gutter system. The entire design and structure of our gutter guard is backed by science and engineered for the best possible performance! Here’s an inside look at the scientific rigor that sets K-Guard apart.   Principles of Water Flow […]

Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Gutter Guards

Gutters can easily get clogged, making them less functional and even harmful to your home. Gutter guards add a layer of protection atop your gutters to keep debris and pests out while letting water flow into the gutters and away from your home. There are many different types of gutter guards, from inexpensive options you […]

Seven Signs Your Home Needs Gutter Repair Immediately

Heavy rainfall collecting at the base of your home can lead to basement flooding, mold, and water-related damage to your foundation, siding, and roof. And that’s why it’s so important to ensure your gutters are functioning properly: to protect your home from disastrous water damage.  If your gutters need repair, early intervention can be the […]

What Does it Cost to Repair Gutters?

Damaged gutters can be a serious issue, especially if it makes them less effective at diverting water away from your home. When it comes to broken gutters, you have two options: repair or replace. Which begs the question: which option is cheaper in the long run? Since repairing can seem at first glance like the […]

Caring for Your New K-Guard Gutters

Man on Ladder Cleaning Gutters | K-Guard Heartland

K-Guard gutters are built to last, keeping your home safe and dry for decades to come. But what about maintenance and cleaning? K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Systems are clog- and maintenance-free, but does that mean you can simply ignore them once installed? Yes! K-Guard gutters are the only carefree system. How do you care for […]