It’s time to book that trip!

The new Kansas City International (KCI) airport, also known as the Terminal Modernization Project, is a significant upgrade from the original airport built in 1972. The new airport, which opened on February 28th, 2023, boasts modern amenities, a sleek design, and increased efficiency.     The new KCI airport has three terminals: A, B, and C, […]

Are you thinking about selling your home this Spring?

As the temperatures rise and the flowers bloom, many homeowners consider selling their homes in the spring. Spring is a popular time to sell a house for various reasons, including warmer weather, longer days, and increased buyer demand.   If you’re considering selling your home this spring, keep a few things in mind. First, it’s […]

Want to visit Manhattan, Kansas this Weekend?

Manhattan is a city located in the northeastern part of Kansas in the United States. It is the county seat of Riley County and is home to Kansas State University, a prominent public research university. With a population of around 56,000, Manhattan is the fourth-largest city in Kansas.   Manhattan is known for its vibrant […]

Start preparing your home for Spring!

Spring is right around the corner! It’s that time of year for graduations, graduation parties, weddings, and Easter! This means it’s time to get your home ready to host your friends and family. Let’s review some preparations to start doing around your home so you can transition smoothly with the new season approaching quickly!    […]

Can your gutters get through the storm?

It’s that time of the year when you hear that pattering sound on your rooftop in early spring. Laying in bed on a cloudy, rainy day can be so calming, and the soothing sound of the rain puts you right to sleep. Rainy weather is also the perfect weather to read a book, work on […]

Are you looking for something to do this Weekend in Topeka, Kansas? 

This Friday, March 17th, is Saint Patrick’s Day! That means a fun weekend is ahead! Make sure to wear your green and get your dancing pants on. This holiday is always super fun with family and friends. There will be a lot of fun activities to do that revolve around Saint Patrick’s day and a […]

How important is the quality of a product? Is it worth the price?  

Pinecones On Top of Gutter Guard System - K-Guard Heartland

Has one of your kids been struggling with hitting the ball far enough on the field unlike the rest of their team? Have you both been stressing out trying to figure out why? Practicing more and putting in the extra work but, still not seeing any progress?   A couple weeks go by and you […]

Wanting a Gutter option that has Zero maintenance but Wondering About Your Options?

More than likely, the reason you are here is because you have been struggling with your gutters getting clogged constantly and you have started searching all over the internet for weeks with questions like “affordable gutters near me” “gutter screens” or “gutter guards”? Looking for a safer, more effective gutter system that can eliminate your […]

Looking for something to do in Kansas City this weekend?

With winter coming to an end and spring almost here it’s finally time to get out and enjoy the outdoors and start making plans with family and friends. There are so many exciting events happening this weekend in Kansas City! Let me tell you all about it.  Do you and your family enjoy the outdoors […]