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Wanting a Gutter option that has Zero maintenance but Wondering About Your Options?

More than likely, the reason you are here is because you have been struggling with your gutters getting clogged constantly and you have started searching all over the internet for weeks with questions like “affordable gutters near me” “gutter screens” or “gutter guards”? Looking for a safer, more effective gutter system that can eliminate your frustration? Well, you are in the right place! We can help you with that!


Are you tired of the maintenance that your gutters require? Getting up on a ladder? Or constantly having to replace them? Well we have just the solution for you… K-Guard!


What is K-Guard?


K-Guard is a local family owned company with Owners Travis Burch, and Carter Clond. They had a vision one day to come together and give people the best gutter system on the market with 100% satisfaction and guarantee for each customer. 


Are you tired of seeing your loved ones get on unsafe ladders and put their lives in danger trying to clean out their gutters? Let us eliminate that for you. K-Guard is a leaf free gutter system that requires NEVER having to step onto a ladder again to clean your gutters. Yes I said, NEVER. With that being said, K-guard is the only gutter system that provides the absolute best solution for you and your home. Not only is our gutter system the most durable .032” thick but they also compliment your home with how beautiful and seamless they are. 


K-Guard seamless gutters is a complete system with a solid hood that allows any debris to slide right off without clogging the gutter system allowing water to flow through the system. This allows a lifetime of no more clogging and it keeps any debris from entering the system. This seamless gutter does all the work for you, your only job is to relax. 


K-Guard Compared to Gutter Covers, Filters, and Screens?


The number one difference between K-Guard and many other gutter solutions like covers, filters, and screens, is that these only TEMPORARILY fix the problem. These products can also cause more damage in the long run, by not working efficiently to protect the rest of your home, causing water damage to your roof, siding, and foundation. This can cause cracks, mold, and flooding into your home. Not having the best quality gutter system will cause that minor problem to turn into a much bigger financial stress that could have been prevented from the beginning. Now let’s go over your options.


The majority of people start out with a regular gutter system and everyone has tried their very best to protect these systems by running to their local stores and purchasing gutter screens.  They come in many different size holes, some are aluminum or plastic. The issue with gutter screens is that they keep some of the bigger stuff out like acorns, pine cones, but a lot of the smaller debris can still make their way into the gutter system clogging the gutter, causing you more work in the long run. Additionally, when it is time to clean the gutters the task becomes more cumbersome. Now you will have to remove the screens, clean the gutters, then reattach the screens.  Making your gutter cleaning chore that much more difficult and dangerous. 


Hard covers do their best to keep debris from collecting in the gutter, but the downside to these are they sit underneath your roof shingles which can cause damage and void your roofs warranty. Not to mention if installed at the wrong angle it will cause massive waterfalls.  


The leaf guard one piece gutter system has liquid adhesion where water sticks to the surface and goes around into the gutter. The system does a decent job with keeping the debris out of the gutter, but it has no support of the trough, allowing sagging to occur over time which allows birds and nests to populate. Making your gutter chore more work. Another issue with this gutter system is that if the flashing tab is too small, which means they have to do back flashes to get it behind the roof’s *drip edge. If your gutter is not properly tucked in behind your roof’s drip edge, that can lead to wood rot on your home’s fascia board due to water getting behind the gutter.  *If you don’t have a drip edge, contact your local roofing company.


Don’t worry we saved the best for last. K-Guard gutters have a 1 ¼ inch built in flashing tab that bucks behind your drip edge which allows water to make much longer runs staying behind the drip edge. K-Guard is the one and only system that has a rear drainage channel that protects against strong winds, as well as ice damming, and lowers your chance at icicles in the cold winter months. Our system doesn’t puncture the roof causing damage or sagging, keeping your roof’s warranty intact. On top of all that, the system doesn’t allow debris in, to keep your gutters clog free for a lifetime. 


K-Guard is the largest complete gutter system on the market and handles 40% more water than any other gutter system. 


Oh, you thought we were done? Well there’s so much more to tell you! Stick around for more information on why K-Guard is worth your time. It just gets better. 


K-Guard’s Lifetime Warranties


At K-Guard we guarantee our product to every single customer. Here are the four lifetime warranties that you can’t find anywhere else! 


Lifetime Clog-Free Guarantee- K-Guard has a 100% lifetime clog free warranty. That is something traditional gutter companies can’t offer. Our gutter system is the only system that does the work for you, meaning no more having to stand up on a ladder and clean your gutters multiple times a year. 


Lifetime Paint Warranty- K-Guard system is made up of heavy duty aluminum which will NEVER corrode, ensuring the paint never chips. Traditional open gutters aren’t designed with the same heavy duty materials, which causes the paint to chip over time. 


No Pull Away Warranty– Again our system is made of heavy duty aluminum and our durable polymers are made to fully support the hood of the gutter system. Our system is able to keep water flowing at a constant rate, to NEVER sag or pull away from your home. 




Lifetime Gutter Warranty- K-guard offers a maintenance free, Exclusion free warranty, and you can’t find a better solution for your home. K-Guard is better than ANYTHING else on the market from gutter screens to covers or any add-on device’s. We Guarantee you won’t have to clean your gutters again or we will clean it for FREE. All K-Guard estimates and inspections are done for FREE. 


K-Guard also offers many different color options to match the style to your home. The appearance of our gutter system is unbeatable. Who knew gutters could be such an asset to the look of your home. 


Steps to getting K-Guard put on your home? 


The first step to our gutter installation process is to reach out to us at K-Guard where one of our very best representatives will get all the information necessary to schedule a time for a sales representative to come out to you when it best fits you. When our sales representatives come out to you, they will explain how our system works, take measurements specifically to your home, talk pricing and provide you with knowledgeable information to make an informed decision for you and your home. This process is super easy, and most importantly it will COST you NOTHING to get a FREE estimate! 


The second step to our process is picking out your specific color out of a big variety to perfectly match the design of your home. We do our absolute best to customize and make your gutter dreams come true. Again, our seamless gutters come with a lifetime paint warranty. Your gutters will never chip or corrode no matter the style or color of you choose. 


The very last step is the most exciting one. The moment you’ve been patiently waiting for! Your seamless K-Guard gutter system will now be installed. Our installers will take down your previous gutter system and haul away everything from your home. The installation process usually takes one day depending on the size of the home and roofline. Our installers do the absolute best job of staying out of your way and keeping noise to a minimum as much as possible. You won’t even know they are there! 


Closing Thoughts


So that’s a little bit about us. If you are looking for a lifetime gutter system that not only compliments your home, but is worth every penny you just may need to reach out and give us a call so we can eliminate that gutter cleaning chore off of your todo list. 


To us here at K-Guard, what’s most important is getting the job done right, and getting a gutter system you can rely on. We want you to love your gutter system just as much as we do. We believe the perfect gutter system is one where you can sit around your back yard with your loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. It can be hard to find time to spend with your loved ones because life can get in the way. Your todo list can add up quickly and be unbearable to look at. But when you take one look at your beautiful seamless gutters, your mind is able to relax and not stress, knowing K-guard has you covered, so you can focus on spending time with those you love most. If we can help families get the gutters that take away their worries and stresses then we feel like we’ve done our job. That’s what we’re all about! 


We provide our seamless gutters to all of Kansas and Missouri cities like Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, Olathe, Shawnee, Independence, Lenexa, Lee’s Summit, Leawood, Mission Hills and many more! 


Are you almost interested in the idea of the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System but need some more information on the product or on pricing to get a better idea? You can call 913-380-1616 to speak to one of our very own K-Guard professionals or you can email us at GM@KCKguard.com. We would love to hear from you!  Feel free to check out our website Kguardguttering.com We have videos, pictures, blogs, and reviews from our thousands of satisfied customers, which will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing K-Guard. 


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