Why K-Guard?

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Why K-Guard?

Tired of performing the daunting task of cleaning out your gutters? If you’re looking for an innovative solution that will keep your gutters clean and free of clogs and debris and fix drainage issues, consider the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our gutter system is the only one that provides the absolute best possible solution for gutters to perform at their highest possible level.

What makes K-Guard the best solution for homeowners? From the durability it offers to how well they work, to how beautiful and seamless they are, there are many reasons for homeowners to make the switch to K-Guard.

Why Make the Switch to K-Guard?


Not only will the K-Guard gutter system collect and drain water away from your home, it’s extremely durable. When you make the switch to K-Guard we include a lifetime paint, no clog and no pull away warranty. Because our system is made of heavy-duty aluminum, the base material will never corrode and the paint will never chip.

Our seamless gutter system can also withstand all types of weather conditions and won’t pull away from your home in the event of severe weather. Just another way our system is more durable compared to other gutter systems.

Top corner of house showing the K-Guard Gutter Guard - K-Guard Heartland


No other gutter system performs like the K-Guard gutter system does. Because our system is a full and complete gutter system and is crafted from heavy duty aluminum, it’s able to outperform any other system on the market. From our hood to our gutter and downspouts, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is able to keep water flowing through the system at a rapid pace all while blocking leaves and other debris, forcing them to fall off the gutter system rather than accumulate inside it over time.


A gutter system should complement your home and add to its beauty, not take away from it. Other gutter systems (like half round gutters) are unsightly and can appear worn down over time. The K-Guard Gutter System is designed to be smooth and curved, adding to your home’s beauty.

house with gutters

Will K-Guard Work on My Home?

Homeowners frequently ask us whether or not the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System will work on their home. Whether you have a low-pitched or steep-pitched roof, the K-Guard Gutter System is the perfect solution to keep your gutters clean and your home protected from water damage.

The Heartland experiences some extreme weather regardless of the season, and our K-Guard Gutter Guards can handle any amount of rainfall, ice melt and stormwater regardless of your roof’s pitch. Take a look at the video below as K-Guard Co-owner, Carter Clond, demonstrates how the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System works on roofs of all pitches.

How Does K-Guard Compare to Traditional Open-top Gutters?

There are many differences between K-Guard and traditional open-top/ half round gutter systems. Aside from K-Guard being the more attraction option, there are many differences. 

K-Guard Gutter Guards Mount Above the Floodplain

One major difference is that K-Guard Gutter Guards mount above the floodplain, eliminating the possibility of gutter separation from rotting fascia boards and soffit. Traditional open-top gutters mount to the fascia or in rare cases, the roof, which can cause separation, sagging, and other damage over time.

Larger Downspouts

K-Guard also has large 4×3” downspouts (also referred to as 3×4” downspouts) which can handle a minimum of 22 inches of rain per hour whereas traditional gutters use 2×3” downspouts which is too small for proper drainage in heavy precipitation (especially if debris is in the gutter).

Larger Inside Corners

K-Guard is the only gutter system with 45 degree by 45 degree inside corners which eliminate “choke points.” Water is able to flow around the corner and get to the downspout, even as water from the roof corner is trying to enter the gutter. Traditional gutters do not solve this problem and are likely why you see leaky and overflowing corners.

Lifetime Clog-Free Guarantee

K-Guard comes with a 100% Lifetime clog free guarantee, something traditional gutter systems can’t offer. Our gutter system eliminates the need for you to perform the daunting task of removing debris multiple times a year.

Guaranteed Transferable

K-Guard is guaranteed transferable for the life of the home. Again, something that traditional open-top gutters can’t do as their average lifespan is much shorter.

Learn more about these differences in the video below.

How Does K-Guard Compare to Gutter Covers and Filters/Screens?

Oftentimes K-Guard is confused and compared to other gutter cover solutions and filters/screens. Below are just a few differences:

  • K-Guard will never void your roof’s warranty

  • Filters create a “shelf” where seeds, whirlybirds, pollen, and other debris can sit and accumulate, eventually falling in and creating a “gutter garden”

  • Filters can become clogged from tiny roof granules

Learn more about the differences between the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System compared to other gutter cover solutions and gutter filters by watching the videos below:

How Does K-Guard Compare to Other “Complete” Systems?

While there are several other gutter systems that claim to offer “complete” protection from clogs, they vary greatly compared to K-Guard. What are some major differences?


For starters, other “complete” systems are smaller than the K-Guard Gutter System. At only 4⅝ inches, they have less capacity to move rain through the gutter system while K-Guard can handle a minimum of 22 inches of rain per hour – that’s a shocking difference!

No Trough Support

Overtime, other systems troughs will sag, eventually creating a large enough gap for birds to be able to force their way in and debris to become trapped.

No Rear Drainage Channel

Wind (which is something we’re very familiar with here in the Heartland) can easily blow rain and snow back toward the home. Without a rear drainage channel, the fascia board isn’t protected and can ultimately be pulled away from the home.

Other Problems

In addition to the problems mentioned above, other “complete” systems can cause moisture to become trapped leading to rotting wood and gutters that pull away from the home.

Learn more about how other “complete” gutter systems simply can’t compare to the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System:

Have Questions?

We’re here to help you every step of the way during your free estimate and gutter installation process. If you have any questions regarding your project, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The company was timely, did the work, cleaned are up after done and returned promptly when needed to fix a small problem. The gutters have been working very well with all this rain and no water in the basement. They did great work.

-Pam A.

I hired K-Guard to come out and put up the new gutter system on my house. The salesman, John Dallaire, was on time very knowledgeable and very professional. So were the guys that put up the system. The system is great and works wonderful. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

- Eric H.

My house was annihilated from a 2/28/17 hailstorm with racquetball-sized hail! K-Guard did a wonderful job of helping me from the initial walkthrough with our insurance to installing new doors, windows, siding, gutters and roof. It truly looks like a whole new house. HIGHLY RECOMMEND K-GUARD!

- Allan Z.

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