DIY vs. Professional Gutter Installation: What Homeowners Need to Know

Certain projects around a home are safe to do yourself and some should be left to the professionals for safety and expertise purposes. For example, many homeowners opt to repaint the interior of their homes, replace flooring, install appliances themselves, etc, while some jobs like repaving the patio, replacing the roof, and others should be […]

The Benefits of Installing K-Guard Gutters Before Kansas City’s Summer Storms

Thunderstorm Clouds Over Suburban Houses - K-Guard Heartland

If you’ve lived in Kansas City for even one summer, you know exactly what we’re referring to when we talk about the summer storms. Summertime in Kansas City is often beautiful and sunny, but the storms that crop up can seriously pack a punch with everything from high winds and tornadoes to hail storms and […]

Caring for Your New K-Guard Gutters

Man on Ladder Cleaning Gutters | K-Guard Heartland

K-Guard gutters are built to last, keeping your home safe and dry for decades to come. But what about maintenance and cleaning? K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Systems are clog- and maintenance-free, but does that mean you can simply ignore them once installed? Yes! K-Guard gutters are the only carefree system. How do you care for […]

Tips for Safely Hanging Christmas Lights

Man Standing on Ladder Hanging Festive Lights

Do you hang Christmas lights before Thanksgiving or after? Whichever category you fall into, it’s the holiday season – it’s time to swap out the pumpkins, hay bales, and bats for twinkling lights, inflatables, animatronics, and so on. Hanging Christmas lights on the exterior of our homes can be dangerous, depending on where you string […]

How to Select a Gutter System Based on Roof Design & Pitch

Everyone knows how crucial a roof is to a home – not only do they protect us from all types of weather conditions but they keep us dry and protect us from extreme temperatures, something we often see here in The Heartland. Could you imagine not having a roof on your home during the winter […]

4 Different Gutter Materials Explained

Every home needs a gutter system to protect it from water. If homes didn’t have gutter systems, meltwater and stormwater would be left to sit and collect around a home’s foundation, creating a ton of costly damage. There are plenty of dangers of not having gutters on your home. Fortunately, most homes do have a […]

Important Questions you Should Ask Before Installing New Gutters

Our homes are our sanctuaries; we feel safe inside of them and they protect the people we love most. Because our homes provide a safe shelter and protect us from the elements, we should only invest in the best products available for them to continue to keep us safe. One of the wisest investments that […]

How to Keep your Home Dry During the Rainy Season

We’ve seen a warm-up in temperatures here in the Heartland which means springtime is here and summer is just around the corner! While chilly weather is hopefully a thing of the past,  we’re expected to receive quite a bit of precipitation over the course of the next few months’ rainy season. According to The Old […]

4 Benefits of Installing K-Guard

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Storm water and meltwater can cause damage to your roof and your home’s foundation. Gutters are a crucial component to keeping your home’s structure safe from the collection of storm water and meltwater. Gutter systems create a place for storm water and meltwater to collect and drain away from your home, directing the water away […]

Downspouts 101

Roof and gutters of a house

Gutter systems, no matter which system you choose, have relatively the same basic parts: the actual gutter, downspout, elbows, end cap, etc. Each part plays an integral role in draining rain and ice melt away from your home.  One of the most important parts to a gutter system is the downspout. Do you know exactly […]