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The Benefits of Installing K-Guard Gutters Before Kansas City’s Summer Storms

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If you’ve lived in Kansas City for even one summer, you know exactly what we’re referring to when we talk about the summer storms. Summertime in Kansas City is often beautiful and sunny, but the storms that crop up can seriously pack a punch with everything from high winds and tornadoes to hail storms and intense rainfall.

If you don’t already have the K-Guard gutter system installed and ready to protect your home this summer, NOW is the time!


Eight Benefits of Installing K-Guard Gutters Before the Storms Hit

Gutters are essential for preparing your home to withstand the summer storms in Kansas City, and no gutter system will have you better prepared than K-Guard! Here are eight reasons it’s worth it to invest in K-Guard gutters before the summer storms take their toll:

1. K-Guard Gutters Can Handle the Downpours

Kansas City storms bring heavy downpours that can easily overwhelm standard gutters, leading to erosion around the base of your home and even flooding into your home and crawl space. With K-Guard gutters, you don’t need to worry about overflow because the oversized troughs and downspouts are made to withstand a minimum of 22 inches of rain per hour, keeping the water flowing in the right direction! 


2. K-Guard Gutters Hold Fast to Your Home

Another common gutter problem during storms in the Heartland is intense winds pulling gutters away from the roof. K-Guard gutters are designed with this concern in mind, steadfastly attaching to your home with patented fasteners that ensure your gutters are fortified against high winds. And since the gutter protection hood is included as part of the whole gutter system, you don’t need to worry about some add-on gutter guards getting ripped away by a tornado.


3. K-Guard Gutters are Guaranteed Clog-free

When you invest in the K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System, you get a lifetime warranty that guarantees your gutters will remain 100% clog-free! With all the dirt and debris blowing around the Heartland during the summer storms, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the innovative gutter protection on your K-Guard system will keep out everything from leaves to pine needles to pests!


4. K-Guard Gutters Keep the Pests at Bay

Summertime storms bring summertime pests, and clogged gutters filled with standing water are notorious attractants for unwanted insects. Keeping your gutters clean and dry is essential to keep mosquitoes from breeding in the troughs, and with the enclosed gutter protection and clog-free design of K-Guard gutters, you can enjoy maintenance-free pest control along your roofline!


5. K-Guard Gutters Protect Your Home from Water Damage

High-quality gutters prevent all manner of water damage, including:

  • Water collecting around your home’s foundation, walls, and basement
  • Soil erosion around the borders of your home
  • Water damage and rot on your roof
  • And mold or mildew growth throughout your home (especially in the attic, walls, and basement!)

K-Guard gutters will protect your home from water damage by working to divert rain, sleet, snow, and hail out and away from your home all year round.


6. K-Guard Gutters Can Handle the Humidity

The high humidity we experience in the Heartland can lead to unpleasant consequences for old gutters. Corrosion caused by humidity makes gutters a hotbed for insects, and also weakens the gutters, and makes them less reliable in a storm. K-Guard gutters come with a paint warranty that guarantees your gutters won’t peel or corrode, so you can trust that the humidity won’t be an issue when you have K-Guard!


7. K-Guard Gutters are Seamless

K-Guard gutters are seamless, meaning they are custom-fitted to your home in one continuous piece rather than several connected pieces. Gutters with seams—called “sectional gutters”—connect directly to the soffit or fascia and may cause them to tear away from the house along with the gutter section during a storm. They also are much more likely to leak or clog than seamless gutters thanks to the additional bumps and gapping that can occur along the seams.


8. New is Always Better!

While this may not have proved true for Barney Stinson, when it comes to gutters, newer is usually better! New gutters will always perform better than old gutters, so if your current gutters are over 15 years old then they’re probably not up to the task of handling summer storms in Kansas City—unless they’re K-Guard gutters, in which case you can expect them to last a lifetime!


Does K-Guard’s Warranty Protect Me from Storm Damage?

K-Guard gutters are known for their incredibly comprehensive warranty, keeping you covered for everything except for damage caused by “natural disasters” or “acts of God.” While this may exclude some forms of storm damage—like a tornado tearing right through the center of your home—it doesn’t mean you won’t be protected against any damage from stormy weather! K-Guard gutters are designed to handle significant amounts of rainwater, so if you find yours sagging or pulling away from the weight of the downpours or overflowing because they can’t keep up, your warranty may cover any needed replacement or repairs.

To ensure you have the most accurate information for your unique situation, always contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns about warranty coverage as it relates to storm damage!


K-Guard Gutters are the Perfect Storm

Nothing will better prepare your home to withstand the summer storms of Kansas City quite like K-Guard gutters can. Comprised of the best gutter protection, beautiful oversized troughs and downspouts, and a seamless, sturdy design, K-Guard gutters are the perfect solution to summertime storms! If you’re ready to hop on board with K-Guard in preparation for summer in the Heartland, contact us for a free estimate!


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