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How to Keep your Home Dry During the Rainy Season

We’ve seen a warm-up in temperatures here in the Heartland which means springtime is here and summer is just around the corner! While chilly weather is hopefully a thing of the past,  we’re expected to receive quite a bit of precipitation over the course of the next few months’ rainy season.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Heartland is expected to get quite a bit of precipitation from now until August. In fact, we are expected to receive more than average rainfall for June, July and August.

While flowers, trees and lawns are welcoming rainfall this spring and summer, is your home prepared? Do you know if your gutters and roof are equipped to handle all the rain that we’re about to get? If not, then your home may be in danger of foundation damage, mold build up, a leaking roof, etc.

From inspecting your home’s interior and exterior to making sure you have a proper drainage system, we’ll help you prepare for the upcoming rainy season – just take a look at our tips below.


Ensure your Gutters are Working Properly

Gutter systems are a crucial component to a home’s exterior any time of the year but especially during the rainy season when we have heavy precipitation. When a gutter system works at its optimal performance, it collects and drains stormwater away from a home to prevent water damage.

We could go on and on when it comes to explaining the role of a gutter system and how they function, but long story short, gutters work by collecting rainfall from your home’s roof and directing that rainfall to downspouts that then carry the water down and ultimately direct it away from your home. Interested in learning all about how downspouts work? Click here to learn all about them and the role they play in a gutter system.

When a gutter system isn’t working properly, a lot can go wrong. Your home could undergo quite a bit of damage especially when precipitation is heavy like it is during the rainy season.

To keep your home safe from heavy rainfall this spring and summer, ensure your gutters are working properly. Better yet, install a K-Guard Gutter System to better protect your home from heavy rain. Our gutter systems come with a lifetime warranty and protect your home from water damage to your roof and foundation.

Check the Seals around Windows & Doors

Windows and doors do more than keep your home safe from potential pests and other dangers – they keep your home dry. If they aren’t properly sealed then air and water leaks can occur which can result in damage like leaks and high humidity levels throughout your home.

A window or door that isn’t properly sealed lacks a barrier between the inside and outside. As a result, moisture finds its way into your home, allowing for warm and cool air to enter your home. Not only can this damage the material surrounding your windows and doors but it can also cause an increase in energy bill costs.

Notice cracks in the sealant around your windows and doors? Use some caulk to seal any cracks to ensure you’re keeping rainfall and moisture out during the upcoming rainy season.

Consider a Dehumidifier for your Home

It’s simple: rainy weather means high humidity and moisture levels. When humidity and moisture levels are high in your home it can cause all sorts of issues like mold, allergies, poor air quality, increased energy bills, etc. 

Consider putting a dehumidifier in your home. They’re a cost-effective way to remove excess moisture. They work to maintain a comfortable humidity level inside your home, resulting in a drier and more comfortable atmosphere. A drier home means less allergies, better air quality and a decreased risk of having mold build up in your home.

Look for Signs of Leaks

Now is the time to search the interior and exterior of your home for leaks before the rainy season arrives. Don’t wait until the rainy season has begun to notice a sign of leaks on your roof, walls, in your basement, etc.

Not entirely sure what you should be looking for? Search your home’s ceilings, attic and walls and look for any signs of leaks like sagging, discoloration, musty smelling rooms, etc.

The rainy season will only worsen leaks so now is the time to get them fixed. Consider contacting a roofing specialist or contractor to inspect potential leaks and to get them repaired.


So, is your home ready for the impending rainy season? If you think you need some improvements like a new gutter system, contact our team at K-Guard. Our gutter systems are seamless and keep your home protected from heavy rain and stormy weather. Plus, they come with a lifetime clog-free warranty – something we need here in the Heartland where our weather is often stormy and unpredictable. 

To get a free estimate, call (913) 380-1616 or request an estimate online today. We look forward to installing a new gutter system on your home to keep it protected during the rainy season and beyond!


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