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4 Benefits of Installing K-Guard

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Storm water and meltwater can cause damage to your roof and your home’s foundation. Gutters are a crucial component to keeping your home’s structure safe from the collection of storm water and meltwater. Gutter systems create a place for storm water and meltwater to collect and drain away from your home, directing the water away from the foundation so it can flow and collect safely elsewhere.

Unfortunately, gutters don’t always work properly to drain this water away from your home. What are the possible damages that can occur to your home if your gutters aren’t working properly? You can expect to see leaks in your walls and roof and may even experience widespread structural damage to your foundation that can result in mold growth and while rare, potentially a structural collapse.

Notice that your gutter system isn’t performing at its peak? It’s time to contact the professionals at K-Guard to install a K-Guard Gutter System. Our gutter cover installation service simply can’t be beat and offers many benefits for your home. Our gutter systems will keep water away from your home’s foundation and will prevent any and all types of gutter clogs.

What exactly are the benefits of installing K-Guard? Keep reading to learn 4 benefits of installing a K-Guard Gutter System on your home.

  1. K-Guard Protects Your Home
    We experience quite a variety of severe weather here in the Heartland: ice storms, high wind speeds, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, etc. These weather conditions can cause severe damage to your home, especially if your gutter system isn’t operating at its best.Installing a K-Guard Gutter System will protect your home from a lifetime of these extreme weather conditions. Our gutter system provides full protection from leaves, pine needles and all types of weather. By replacing your existing gutter system to a gutter system that can hold up through harsh weather, AKA K-Guard, you’re protecting your home and keeping your roof and foundation safe.
  2. K-Guard is Durable
    Our K-Guard Gutter Systems are made of heavy-duty aluminum that is just as strong as steel. Our high-strength hangers are made from all-weather polymers that are set every 24 inches inside of the gutter guards to prevent sagging. Therefore, the durability of K-Guard simply can’t be beat.With how severe our weather can be here in the Heartland, durability is paramount when it comes to your home’s gutter system. Our gutter systems can withstand any and all types of severe weather from severe thunderstorms that produce hail to ice storms and everything in between.
  3. K-Guard Comes with a Lifetime Warranty 
    When we say we offer a lifetime warranty on our gutter system, we truly mean it. While other gutter installation companies sneakily include exclusions in their fine print, our K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System offers a maintenance free and service free lifetime warranty! Should you ever experience any issues with your K-Guard Gutter System, we’ll service and clean it for free. 
  4. K-Guard Adds Curb Appeal to your Home 
    Another benefit of installing K-Guard? It adds curb appeal to your home! Our gutter system includes two parts – the gutter and the hood – that are installed directly to your fascia boards for a seamless finish. It mimics the look of crown molding which is far more appealing than most other gutter systems, especially traditional open-top gutters.Our gutter system also comes in a variety of colors— 37 to be exact— which aids in adding curb appeal. Being able to customize your gutter system to complement your home is the cherry on top to a beautiful, seamless gutter system.Not only are our gutter systems seamless, but they’re made of heavy-duty aluminum that will last a lifetime and won’t corrode. Obviously gutters and downspouts that are in awful condition or need to be replaced can be an eyesore that neighbors are aware of. When you install K-Guard, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your K-Guard Gutter System! Whether you’re planning on staying in your home or plan on selling it in the future, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your gutter system will add curb appeal, keep neighbors happy and will attract potential buyers.

All of the benefits above will add value to your home and will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll never have to do the mundane task of cleaning gutters ever again. Imagine all the free time you could have if you never have to clean your gutters!

Does your existing gutter system need to be replaced? If so, give us a call at (913) 380-1616 or request an appointment online. We offer free estimates for both residential and commercial installation. We ask that you are home during your free estimate so we can offer the best consultation possible. Being able to examine your home’s exterior and existing gutter system while you’re present will help us to customize and design your leaf free gutter system.

We look forward to providing you with a free estimate of our gutter installation service and discussing how we can improve your home’s gutter system![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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