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Caring for Your New K-Guard Gutters

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K-Guard gutters are built to last, keeping your home safe and dry for decades to come. But what about maintenance and cleaning? K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Systems are clog- and maintenance-free, but does that mean you can simply ignore them once installed? Yes! K-Guard gutters are the only carefree system.

How do you care for your new K-Guard gutters? The answer is simple: Nothing! Caring for K-Guard gutters is easy because they’re clog-free. From fall leaves to spring nests and pests, you won’t need to worry about your gutters. 

Here is everything you need to know about proper K-Guard maintenance and gutter cleaning to enhance K-Guard durability. Consider this your go-to K-Guard FAQ!


Are K-Guard Gutters Really Maintenance-Free?

K-Guard gutter systems are the only truly maintenance-free gutter solution out there, with a patented system that keeps leaves and debris out while allowing the water to flow quickly through the gutter system and away from your home. We guarantee that your K-Guard gutters will never clog.

With traditional gutters, you must perform regular maintenance (or hire professionals for maintenance) to keep gutters from clogging and causing water damage. Unfortunately, either method has its drawbacks. Regular gutter maintenance service can get expensive, but doing it on your own is dangerous (and messy) work.

With your new and improved leaf-free gutters, you’ll never have to worry about K-Guard maintenance. K-Guard gutters are guaranteed to remain clog-free! And if they ever do have unexpected clogs, you’re covered. Just contact us if you notice any clogging in your gutters and our expert team will come resolve the issue right away.


Can K-Guard Gutters Crack, Bend, Warp, or Pull Away from My Home? 

Warping, cracking, bending, or pulling away from the home can be a worry with other gutter systems. But not with the K-Guard system! Because K-Guard gutters are designed with highly durable materials that are firmly attached to your home, they won’t bend, warp, or pull away. You’ll no longer need to worry when the heavy spring thunderstorms arrive, or when winter’s toughest ice and snow hits. The K-Guard system is designed to withstand the elements, without any maintenance needed!


How Durable are My K-Guard Gutters?

Every facet of K-Guard gutters is designed with durability in mind. With a practically unlimited lifespan, you can trust in K-Guard’s durability to withstand inclement weather. With a lightweight but thick aluminum frame, your K-Guard gutters hang strong on patented brackets that screw tight to your fascia board for an immovable hold. These brackets have an angled hanger design for added leverage and strength, fully supporting your gutters from front to back so they will never, ever pull away.

K-Guard gutters are built with the highest quality materials that are custom-fitted to your home. They will never stretch or deform, and the leaf-free design ensures that they will never get weighed down by too much water or excessive clogging.


What if My K-Guard Gutters are Clogged? 

When you invest in K-Guard gutters, it’s smooth sailing: They won’t clog! We confidently guarantee your new K-Guard gutter system will remain clog-free for life. That’s just how much we believe in the K-Guard system! 

You won’t need to worry about clearing or cleaning clogs with the K-Guard system. The K-Guard System is a complete system that features a curved hood. This design allows all debris to simply slide off rather than enter the system and create clogs. As a result, water can flow freely at a rapid pace. 

Other gutter systems can get easily clogged with silt deposits, small rocks, mud and sediment, small plants, leaves, and even nests and pests! But not K-Guard! Making the switch to K-Guard means none of these will be a threat to your home again.


What if My K-Guard Gutters Need to be Repainted?

If the paint on your K-Guard gutters ever shows signs of chipping, peeling, or otherwise wearing down, we have good news for you: everything about your new gutter system is covered under warranty, including the paint!* The finish on your gutters ensures they will never corrode and the paint will never chip. If any of this ever does happen, you know what to do: contact us, and we’ll take care of it for free. *Does not cover damage to metal caused by other home obstructions or accessories.


Are You Satisfied with Your K-Guard Gutters?

We hope you are completely satisfied with your new K-Guard Gutters! If not, please let us know what we can do to make your experience even better. We stand behind our product, so if it ever fails to meet your expectations we will come to inspect and service your gutter system at no cost to you.

We’ve had so many satisfied customers that we’re confident you made the right choice. Please leave a review here to let us know how we did, and enjoy your beautiful new gutters!


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