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Important Questions you Should Ask Before Installing New Gutters

Our homes are our sanctuaries; we feel safe inside of them and they protect the people we love most. Because our homes provide a safe shelter and protect us from the elements, we should only invest in the best products available for them to continue to keep us safe.

One of the wisest investments that can protect your home is a quality gutter system. Simply put, gutter systems reduce the risk of water and moisture damage occurring to your home. Without a properly functioning gutter system, your home could see damage like leaking, foundation damage, moisture around windows and doors, etc.

Now that we’ve discussed how important it is to invest in a quality gutter system, it’s also important to understand that not all gutter systems are created equal. All gutter systems exist to drain storm water away from homes, however, there are some that simply aren’t going to withstand the rain and storms that we experience here in the Heartland. 


If you’re considering installing a new gutter system on your home, we want you to be prepared. Below are some important questions you should ask before installing new gutters.

  1. Could I please see proof of insurance and licenses?

    When shopping around for gutter companies in the Kansas City area, be sure to choose a company that possesses all required insurances and licenses to ensure they do quality work that meets state guidelines.
    Not sure what to ask for? A professional gutter company should possess the following insurances and licenses: state licensure, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. If a company meets these requirements then you’ll be protected should any accidents happen while they are installing your new gutter system. Never hire a company that won’t provide you with proof of insurance.


  2. Does the company have a good reputation?

    Do you ever order from a restaurant that has a one-star rating and tons of complaints? Hopefully not, and hopefully the same goes for a gutter installation company. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make – you should only be hiring professionals that have a good reputation and plenty of happy customers.

    If you’re unsure if a company has a good reputation or not, a good place to start is to do a google search for the company. You should be able to see their ratings and read testimonials from former clients. You can also find ratings on their social media pages. A company that has a good reputation should be the only one you choose to avoid a gutter installation nightmare. 
  3. Do you install seamless gutters?

    Of course all of us at K-Guard are strong proponents for seamless gutters. If you install traditional gutters then you’ll have to deal with regular gutter maintenance which can become costly, especially living here in the Heartland where we see heavy winds, rains and tornadoes that all pose a threat for things getting caught and clogged in traditional gutter systems.

    Seamless gutters, especially K-Guard, will keep all debris out of the gutter system and keep storm and melt water moving freely throughout the gutter system. No debris and no clogged gutters means you’ll never have to complete the daunting task of cleaning out your gutters ever again! 
  4. What warranties do you offer?

    This question should always be asked prior to hiring a gutter installation company. Paying for a new gutter system is an investment that should be taken seriously, and the company you hire should offer some sort of warranty to cover their work.

    Here at K-Guard we offer a lifetime warranty! Our leaf free gutter system is sure to prevent clogs, but in the off chance you’re ever concerned debris has found its way into your gutter system then we will clean your gutters for FREE, no questions asked.


Now that you know the questions you should ask before installing new gutters, we hope you’ll feel more confident in the company you hire. K-Guard exceeds all expectations and has decades of experience and tons of happy customers to prove it! To view our customers’ reviews and testimonials, visit our website or our Facebook page.


Request a free estimate today to get started on your new gutter installation! We can’t wait to work with you to make your gutter system leaf free and free of maintenance.


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