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Gutter Maintenance: A Comparison Between Gutter Systems

Cleaning Out Dead Leaves From Clogged Gutter

It’s that time of year when our gutters need to be cleaned to remove debris like falling leaves and pine needles. These pesky objects make their way into half-round gutter systems, often causing them to clog and overflow, forcing water to spill over the side of the gutter. If your home is surrounded by trees that are close to the roofline, then you understand how much debris can collect inside a half-round gutter system in a short amount of time.

Cleaning gutters before hanging Christmas lights is ideal to avoid extra weight that could cause the gutters to sag. Whether you have a half-round gutter system, gutter screens, or gutter filters, you’ll need to perform some maintenance to keep them clean. Keep reading to learn about the required maintenance for different gutter systems to keep them free from debris.

Half-round/Open-top Gutters

One of the most popular styles of gutters, half-round gutters or open-top gutters, do require some regular maintenance, especially if the system isn’t seamless. Half-round gutters have a top that is completely exposed; there is no cover to the gutter and the inside is visible. While they are an affordable option and offer some protection against drainage issues, steer clear of open-top gutters if you’re looking for a gutter system with little to no maintenance.

Because the top of a half-round gutter system is completely exposed, debris of all kinds easily makes its way inside the gutter. Debris can land inside the gutter by a nearby tree, wind-carrying leaves, or pests climbing in the gutters and building nests (there could potentially be some critters lurking in your gutters). Because half-round gutter systems collect debris easily, they’ll need to be cleaned often.

Regular maintenance is required when you have a half-round gutter system. Failure to clean the gutters will result in clogs that could create a domino effect of damage like overflowing and sagging gutters, damage to the home’s siding, foundation damage, etc. How often should you clean your half-round gutters? Ideally, 2-4 times per year, depending on how many trees surround your property and roofline. While cleaning the gutters is a relatively easy task, it’s very time-consuming and a nuisance to homeowners. 

Gutter Screens/Filters

Gutter screens can keep some debris out of a gutter system, but not all. If you’re unfamiliar with gutter screens, they’re a piece of mesh with small openings that is installed on an existing half-round or open-top gutter system. Similar to gutter screens, gutter filters have a component on the top of the screen that collects seeds. Most homeowners install screens and filters themselves since the help of a professional isn’t always required.

In theory, gutter screens and filters sound great, right? On the contrary, they can do more harm than good. They don’t eliminate the chance for debris to enter the gutter system, leaving you with a big mess that’s difficult to clean. The small openings on gutter screens can block larger debris like twigs and large leaves, but small seeds can still enter the gutters, and pine needles can land vertically in the small openings. Gutter filters and screens can also act as a “shelf” for debris to collect, weighing down the gutter system over time. They can also sprout weeds and tiny trees if a seed takes and grows inside of the gutter and pokes out through the small openings.

Because small debris can still get trapped and collected inside the gutter, there is some maintenance to gutter screens and filters. Depending on if you have snap-in, rolled mesh, or hinged gutter screens or filters, you’ll need to clean them regularly. You’ll need to remove the screen and clean the inside of the half-round gutter and remove debris, much like on a traditional half-round gutter system.


Would you believe us if we said there was a complete gutter system that required zero maintenance? No need to climb a ladder and grab cold, wet debris and spend hours cleaning every few months, which means more time spending time with loved ones and doing things you enjoy. Luckily, you can eliminate gutter maintenance by installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System.

The K-Guard System has several components that work together to keep debris out, never letting it enter the gutter system in the first place, unlike half-round gutter systems and gutter screens/filters. Our gutter product is so durable and practical that it comes with three-lifetime warranties, including a lifetime no-clog, paint, and no pull-away warranty, so it’ll never become damaged. 

Contact our team today or call (913) 380-1616 to schedule your free estimate for installing the K-Guard System. We offer our gutter installation service to homeowners across Missouri and Kansas, including, but not limited to, the following locations: Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, Olathe, Shawnee, Independence, Lenexa, and Lee’s Summit.


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