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Seasonal Gutter Care: Preparing Your K-Guard System for the Changing Systems

Congratulations on making the switch to K-Guard! You’ve installed the premier gutter system, offering homeowners superior protection from drainage issues while requiring no gutter maintenance. Our gutter product is top-of-the-line with multiple components working together to collect and drain water away from a home’s roof quickly and efficiently while keeping debris out.

Your K-Guard System is made to last for the life of your home, so its durability is unlike any other system. Kansas City is notorious for having unpredictable weather year-round with the chance for severe weather producing heavy snow and ice, hail, heavy rainfall, and strong wind gusts. Even the strongest storm is no match for K-Guard’s durability, withstanding severe weather thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum and how it’s mounted to the home.

We’re so fortunate to live in a city that experiences all four seasons with mild winters compared to other parts of the country. We get to see the flaming red and bright orange foliage during fall, snowfall in the winter, and a milder winter than in other cities. Though K-Guard offers durability that other gutter systems can’t, there are some things you can do to prepare your K-Guard System for the change of the seasons year-round. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your K-Guard System for the changing seasons to get the most out of your gutter system.


How to Prepare Your K-Guard System Each Season

We’re no strangers to snowstorms and ice storms here in Kansas City. Our winters are mild, yet we still experience winter weather starting in December and lasting through February. Whether heavy snowfall, large amounts of powdery snowfall, an ice storm that dumps ½” of ice over the city, or temperatures below freezing, your K-Guard System works hard all winter to protect your home from drainage issues. K-Guard significantly reduces ice dams and can withstand heavy snow, allowing it to slide off the curved hood.

Likewise, each spring, summer, and fall brings the potential for severe thunderstorms that can produce golfball-sized hail, strong wind gusts, and torrential downpours. These weather events wreak havoc on traditional gutter systems, but not K-Guard. K-Guard can withstand any weather event, holding up to year-round severe storms. 

So, the question remains: how can you prepare your K-Guard System each season? The answer is simple: you don’t need to! There’s virtually nothing you need to do to care for your K-Guard System, not even unclogging gutter downspouts!

Though you don’t have to perform gutter care on your K-Guard gutters, there is a minor maintenance check to extend its lifespan further: trim trees surrounding the roof and gutters. We have many trees here in Kansas City, from deciduous trees constantly shedding their leaves to pines shedding pine needles. To protect your K-Guard System (and roof), trim the trees surrounding the gutters to ensure tree limbs aren’t resting on the roof or gutters. It’ll put less strain on the system and keep debris away from the roof and gutters.


How K-Guard Simplifies Seasonal Preparation

Installing K-Guard means your home is protected from drainage issues and is now equipped with a durable gutter system that works hard year-round to protect your home. There’s a lot to do around our homes each season to prepare for the next, from pressure washing our home’s exteriors to staining and sealing the deck and winterizing our homes, the chores never end as a homeowner.


Less Time Spent on Seasonal Preparation

You spend hours on seasonal preparation each year for your home. Every winter, spring, summer, and fall, you need to spend time outdoors to prepare for the change of seasons by raking leaves in the yard, year-round lawn maintenance to prevent weeds, cleaning the chimney, and so on. At the top of most homeowners’ lists is cleaning the gutters to remove debris from the previous season and to prepare for the upcoming season.


No Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning can take hours, sometimes a chore that is so time-consuming, that completing it can span across an entire weekend. Before switching to K-Guard, you probably remember how daunting it was to see “clean the gutters” on your to-do list each season multiple times a year. You had to lug a bucket, scoop, and garden hose up a tall ladder, repositioning it to get every last inch of the gutter clean around the perimeter of your home. 

Never having to spend time on gutter care also keeps you safer. Whether you’re comfortable scaling a tall ladder for cleaning your gutters or not, it’s tough work that becomes risky when you have to get up and down many times, leaning forward at a high height to scoop heavy leaves into an ever heavier bucket and unclog gutter downspouts. You don’t have to worry about safety issues like falls or touching something creepy and crawly inside your gutters that could bite or sting.


K-Guard Gives You Time Back

K-Guard simplifies seasonal preparation because it gives homeowners precious time back they would be spending cleaning their traditional gutters. That means more time to attend your child’s weekend soccer game and family events, and investing time into your hobbies, never having to worry about cleaning the inside of the gutters ever again! It’s one less chore to complete on your neverending list as a homeowner.

You chose to install K-Guard because it’s the most durable and effective gutter system on the market, offering a sleek, seamless design that complements any home. Its performance is unmatched with oversized downspouts and gutters, made from heavy-duty aluminum that will never rust or experience chips in the paint. Our gutter guards save you money and give you peace of mind, protecting your home from water damage and drainage issues.

Contact K-Guard Heartland today if you have any questions about your K-Guard System!


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