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Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Gutter Guards

Gutters can easily get clogged, making them less functional and even harmful to your home. Gutter guards add a layer of protection atop your gutters to keep debris and pests out while letting water flow into the gutters and away from your home. There are many different types of gutter guards, from inexpensive options you can install yourself to professionally installed gutter protection systems that are guaranteed to stay free of clogs, like the K-Guard system.

To determine the best gutter guard option for you, consider the following seven questions.


Seven Considerations for Choosing the Best Gutter Guards

1. What materials are they built with?

The construction and design of your gutter guards will significantly affect their durability and reliability. The cheapest gutter guards are made of plastic or soft, flimsy metals. These materials may save you money upfront, but they won’t last as long as sturdier aluminum or steel gutter guards.


2. How are they constructed?

There are several different popular gutter guard designs that involve different methods for keeping debris out of your gutters. Mesh gutter guards or filters/screens usually lie flat atop your gutters and have several holes or slots for water to flow through. While you might think these mesh guards are better than no guard at all, that’s not the case. These can still collect debris on top that keeps water from getting into your gutter — and may actually be more damaging to your roof than no gutter guards at all if you don’t have them cleaned regularly. Mesh and filter styles are not a wise choice for your home because they are not maintenance-free, and can cause damage.

The best gutter guard design is actually a gutter cover, which uses a “reverse curve” style to fully cover the top of your gutters and divert debris off the top while allowing water to flow down the curve and into the gutters.


3. Will they fit your existing gutters?

If you are looking for gutter guards to install on top of your existing gutters, you’ll want to make sure the guard will actually fit first. Gutter guards that are too small for your gutters won’t provide adequate coverage and may allow debris in through gaps along the edges. Gutter guards that are too big won’t be able to attach properly to your existing gutters. If you’re purchasing gutter guards to install yourself without professional help, make sure you measure and buy the correct size for your gutters.


4. DIY or Professional Installation?

Taking a do-it-yourself approach may be less expensive, but it also leaves more margin for error if you don’t have a background in gutter installation. Purchasing gutter protection through a professional gutter company will give you a greater guarantee of successful installation and may include other benefits such as ongoing maintenance and a clog-free warranty.


5. How long will they last?

Some gutter guards are designed to be temporary, like those available at a hardware store that are good for just a few years. While cheaper at the start, the cost over time may end up greater, especially if you account for the amount of labor involved. Comprehensive gutter protection systems, in contrast, can last the entire lifespan of your gutters!


6. Will gutter guards void your roof warranty?

Gutter guards that are installed separately from your gutter system may put your roof’s warranty at risk, especially the less expensive options that can cause significant roof damage if they clog or break. Many gutter guards attach underneath the shingles of your roof instead of to the gutters themselves, which can fall under “altering the roof” voidance on your warranty.

Always check with your roofing company, your gutter installation company, and the gutter guard company to make sure no warranties will be affected by the new addition to your gutter system.


7. Should you replace your gutters instead?

While there are options on the market that should work with your existing gutters, the best gutter guards are those that are specifically designed to fit with your gutters. Instead of adding guards on top of your old gutters, replacing them with a completely new gutter system that includes everything from gutter guards to the gutters themselves can save you a lot of money and stress while also giving you more reliable protection.


The Best Gutter Guards are K-Guard

K-Guard Leaf-free Gutter Systems are designed to fix all the problems that come with traditional gutters and gutter guards. The large K-style troughs and reverse curve gutter protection guarantee your system will remain clog-free for the lifespan of your home. Instead of trying to jerry-rig gutter guards to your existing gutters, replacing them with K-Guard will give you a maintenance-free solution that you can rely on for decades to come.

If you’re looking for the best gutter guards in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us for a free estimate on your new and improved gutter system!


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