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Meet the Owners!

Travis Burch and Carter Clond both grew up here locally in Kansas City. Travis and Carter met through a poker tournament in 2012, where they immediately became good friends. Travis worked as a poker dealer at Hollywood Casino, and Carter had recently graduated from The University Of Kansas with a marketing degree. Shortly after these two met, Travis started working as a sales representative for Leafguard, where he had told Carter to apply for the same position. Travis and Carter worked at Leafguard for a year and a half.


Later down the road, Leafguard was bought out by corporate, and it wasn’t the same after that. One night, Travis was watching a college basketball game when he received an ad for the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System (Big National Company). At first, Travis was frustrated because he had never heard of this company before, so he did some digging. After some research, Travis called Carter, and they both ordered a sample of the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. After some thought and consideration, Travis and Carter decided to open up the first K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System in Kansas and Missouri in 2015.


The beginning of this journey was terrifying and not easy, but they both continued to work hard to make their company strive. At first, Carter answered all the calls and ran all the appointments, on top of going from door to door with flyers. Travis and his family also visited local neighborhoods to advertise their local business. For the installation part, Travis was doing all the installs on their customer’s homes himself. As time went on K-Guard grew into what it is today.


K-Guard now has a team of installers, sales representatives, and office staff. Carter and Travis Manage their employees and ensures everyone is preforming at a high standard. We pride ourselves on our customer service and excellent reviews. It’s safe to say that K-Guard was built with sweat and tears. These two young men took a chance on the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System because they genuinely believed in it. K-Guard is here to help you and your families have peace of mind. We aim to give you the best quality service with a seamless gutter system you can rely on.


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