K-Guard Gutters: Preparing for Snow and Ice

Suburban Home With Snow on Roof - K-Guard Heartland

You know the saying we Midwesterners have about our ever-changing weather: Don’t like the weather? Just wait five minutes! Kansas City residents should always be prepared for the possibility of snow and ice during these winter months, and one area you should make sure is protected from this damaging precipitation is your roof—more specifically, your […]

How Do I Keep My Gutters from Being Damaged by Snow?

Ice Accumulation on Home Gutters - K-Guard Heartland

Winter Has Its Gutter Challenges In the colder months, it’s not only harder to clean and maintain gutter systems but also more dangerous. Chipping ice dams from roofs might cause eye and face damage. Ladder rungs can ice up and lead to serious falls. Same for cleaning your roof of snow after a recent storm. […]

Seven Signs Your Home Needs Gutter Repair Immediately

Heavy rainfall collecting at the base of your home can lead to basement flooding, mold, and water-related damage to your foundation, siding, and roof. And that’s why it’s so important to ensure your gutters are functioning properly: to protect your home from disastrous water damage.  If your gutters need repair, early intervention can be the […]

What Does it Cost to Repair Gutters?

Damaged gutters can be a serious issue, especially if it makes them less effective at diverting water away from your home. When it comes to broken gutters, you have two options: repair or replace. Which begs the question: which option is cheaper in the long run? Since repairing can seem at first glance like the […]

How to Prep Your Home For a Severe Winter Storm

Front view of a house covered in very heavy snow

We’re fortunate to live in a region where we don’t have brutally cold winters with constant snow for months. However, we have our fair share of winter weather, from temperatures that dip below freezing to ice and snow storms. Now that winter is just days away, the chance for winter weather gets more likely as […]

Gutter Maintenance: A Comparison Between Gutter Systems

Cleaning Out Dead Leaves From Clogged Gutter

It’s that time of year when our gutters need to be cleaned to remove debris like falling leaves and pine needles. These pesky objects make their way into half-round gutter systems, often causing them to clog and overflow, forcing water to spill over the side of the gutter. If your home is surrounded by trees […]

These Are The 4 Most Common Gutter Issues – And Here’s How You Can Avoid Them

Broken House Gutter

Gutter systems exist to collect and carry water away from the roof and drain it from a home’s foundation. Gutter systems usually work well to protect our homes without any issues. However, they can malfunction, especially if it’s an open-top gutter system or if the gutters have screens or filters. Continue reading to learn about […]

4 Common Gutter Issues Solved

Have you ever noticed water spilling over your gutters? What about sagging gutters? If your home has a traditional open-top gutter system or half-round gutters then it’s prone to many issues if it’s not taken care of. Even if you do clean your gutter system regularly, issues can still occur.  If you’ve noticed an issue […]

How to Deal with Leaves this Fall

Fall is just weeks away which means Chiefs games, apple cinnamon scents filling the air, and chillier weather are around the corner. Fall is stunning, bringing beautiful fall foliage, turning leaves bright oranges and darker reds. Fall foliage is especially beautiful here in The Heartland where we have hot sunny days and cooler, drier nights […]