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Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Space

Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm up (hello, spring!) we know your family will be spending plenty of time at home and outdoors. With how much time we’re spending at home these days and how beautiful the weather is here in the Heartland now through late fall, you need an outdoor patio space that you love.

Creating the perfect outdoor patio space is more than just adding patio furniture and a grill – there’s a lot of different things you can do to add your own flair and customize it to suit your individual style or needs. Keep reading for tips for creating the ultimate outdoor patio space so you can better enjoy your backyard space.


Choose Your Color Scheme(s) & Theme

In order to create the perfect outdoor patio space, you’ll need to choose your color scheme and theme. Once you decide on which theme and color (or colors) you’d like your furniture and accents to be, you can truly begin planning and purchasing everything you’ll need to complete your outdoor space.

Bright blue hues are cool and inviting while summery yellow hues bring a cheery vibe to your overall space. Or maybe you’re a neutral lover and want to stick to an all-neutral color scheme. Choosing your color scheme in advance will make the planning process much easier.

There are also plenty of options when it comes to patio themes. You may love a nautical theme that incorporates beachy decor or a rustic theme with neutral colors and lanterns. Whatever your color scheme and theme, you can create the ultimate outdoor patio space once you decide on the style you’re going for.


Add Patio Furniture

Choosing patio furniture can be such an exciting process with so many different styles and materials to choose from. Whether you have a small outdoor space or a large outdoor space, there are plenty of options for furniture to create the ultimate outdoor patio space.

Furniture Tips for Small Outdoor Spaces

Have a smaller outdoor space? There is still plenty you can do to make it truly unique and comfortable, all while making your smaller space seem larger than it actually is. You’ll want to choose furniture that’s smaller and doesn’t overcrowd the space you do have; consider bistro sets or individual chairs. If you absolutely must have an outdoor sofa then be sure to choose one that’s slender and doesn’t take up much space.

Furniture Tips for Large Outdoor Spaces

When you have a large outdoor space you have more room to decorate and have more possibilities. With that being said, you want to make sure that you don’t overdo it on furniture and accessories so your space still feels large.

Furniture options are almost endless when you have a large space. You can choose to add outdoor sofas, chairs, or benches without overdoing it. Just be sure that you don’t add too much seating to ensure that your patio isn’t completely full of furniture; you’ll want to save room for other accessories and accents.


Add Accessories/Accents

Now to the exciting part… adding accessories and accents! From fire tables to patio lighting and everything in between, there are so many accessories and accents you can add to make your patio space truly unique. Choose one or any combination of the following accessories/accents:

Fire Table/Pits

Perfect for adding an ambiance to your outdoor patio space as well as keeping you warm on the occasional chilly summer evening, fire tables and fire pits are a great accessory to add to your outdoor patio space. They’re available in many different styles, sizes, materials, as well as wood-burning or gas.


While choosing the color scheme(s) of your patio and selecting the right furniture to show your style and unique taste, adding accents and decorations is what makes your space truly yours. Whether your style is more eclectic or you’re set on a nautical, Mediterranean or rustic theme, the options are endless to make your patio unique with accents and decorations like throw pillows, table decor, and greenery options.

Lighting Accents

Since you’ll likely be using your outdoor patio space for entertaining during the evenings and after the sun goes down, you may want to add some lighting accents. Sure, outdoor flood lights will provide some light to your outdoor space but lighting accents like string lights and lanterns create a pleasant ambiance perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Outdoor Bar

If you host a lot of BBQs or summer-themed parties like Fourth of July or birthdays, then you may want to consider adding an outdoor bar if your patio has space for one. Some come equipped with built-in grills, refrigerators, and TVs, but there are simpler options that still accommodate room for drinks and food. If you have a smaller patio space you’ll want to avoid large outdoor bars, however, you can still add a bar cart with room for drinks!

Daydreaming of creating your perfect outdoor patio space? There’s still plenty of time to do so with summer and fall still months away. By following the tips above, you’re bound to have one terrific summer entertaining in your outdoor patio space!

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