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Start preparing your home for Spring!

Spring is right around the corner! It’s that time of year for graduations, graduation parties, weddings, and Easter! This means it’s time to get your home ready to host your friends and family. Let’s review some preparations to start doing around your home so you can transition smoothly with the new season approaching quickly! 


Closet Clean-Out – We tend to be overcrowded with things in our homes after the holidays. The first thing to do to make your Spring cleaning a lot easier is to go through your closets, pantries, garages, etc. To declutter and eliminate things you don’t necessarily need or use anymore.

Deep Clean- With the weather getting nicer and the sun being out, open your windows for fresh air while deep cleaning your home. Wipe down those things in your home we don’t normally get to, like, the baseboards, walls, furniture, etc.

Prepare Patio- Spring weather is one of the best parts of this time of year. Get your patio freshened up this Spring with new furniture and decor. Your front porch is one of the best places to read a good book. The fresh air and color from all the trees and flowers blossoming.

Update Home Decor- This part is like a reward after deep cleaning your home! What person dislikes having an excuse to update rugs, decor, or furniture for the new season? This gives you a fresh new look to enjoy in your home!

Check AC Unit- With warmer days nearby, ensuring your AC unit works properly is very important. You and your families rely on the AC to keep you and your home cool on those warm sunny days. Check on it now to have enough time to repair it or install a new one.

Deep Clean Windows- During the cold winter months, the windows in your home can get very dirty from all the snow and dirt. Therefore, updating or deep cleaning your windows is essential to give you the best natural sunlight on those gorgeous sunny days.

Inspect Your Roof- Inspecting your roof is crucial to preparing your home for heavy rain and thunderstorms. You want to ensure you have no cracks or damage so that water can’t enter.

Lawn Care-  Be sure to check your lawn mower and tune it up, so it’s ready to go this season. Make sure you seed and fertilize your grass for fresh green grass this Spring. Also, don’t forget to add fresh mulch and plant your new flowers in your flower bed. 


Clean Your Gutters- Open-top gutters can get clogged by leaves, acorns, and debris. You must clean out your gutters, so they don’t cause water and other sorts of damage to other parts of your home, like your roof, siding, and foundation. *Make sure to use ladder safety while cleaning out your gutters. Maintain 3-point contact with both hands and a foot, or both feet and a hand. Make sure to stay near the middle of the ladder at all times, and face the ladder while climbing up and down. 


Now that sounds like a long list, doesn’t it? What if I told you I had a permanent fix, so you could take away one of those overwhelming tasks? Well, you will be super excited to know that I do! You might not know this, or maybe you do, but a gutter system out there does all the work for you. It allows you to never step on a ladder again to do maintenance on your gutter system. That is amazing news, right? Are you wondering what that system is? 


That would be K-Guard!


K-Guard is a Leaf free gutter system locally owned by Travis Burch and Carter Clond. This gutter system is unlike anything else on the market. The K-Guard gutters are a seamless complete system with a hood that allows debris to slide right off, which allows only water to flow through the system. In addition, this system creates a LIFETIME of NO CLOGGING! Yes, you heard that right!


The benefits of the K-Guard Seamless Gutter System


Strength– This gutter system is built around our patented, high-strength hangers. Made from strong, all-weather polymers and set every 24 inches inside the gutter guards. This allows these hangers to fully support the hood and keep the gutter from sagging or losing its structure.

Durability- The life span of the K-Guard gutter system is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Made out of heavy-duty aluminum, which will never corrode. The coatings on the gutter and hood will last a lifetime, and the patented hangers give our gutters the strength to withstand any weather condition.

Capacity- Our leaf-free gutter system is 40% bigger than leaf guard gutters, allowing our system to handle more water. Because our larger gutters have oversized 3×4-inch downspouts, The K-Guard gutter can keep water further away from your home’s foundation.

Appearance- The K-Guard gutter system is the most charming gutter on the market. Our system is created with a smooth, curved design, creating a simple but beautiful look. At K-Guard, you have a wide variety of color options to best match the style and look of your home. 


Don’t waste more time or money on open-top gutter systems, gutter guards, or screens. Gutters play a huge role in protecting homes, but what good are they if they don’t do their job? We provide you with a top-of-the-line seamless gutter system worth every penny. Our gutter system will not disappoint. We stand behind our seamless gutter system so much that if for any reason, your gutters get clogged (We promise they won’t), then we will do the maintenance at no cost to you.


The steps to learning more about K-Guard


Are you more excited than ever before to learn about gutters? Are you interested in how this seamless gutter system could work on your home? At K-Guard, we offer a FREE estimate, all from the comfort of your own home. We send out our representatives directly to you, who will explain and answer any questions you have about our seamless gutter system. Our representatives will take specific measurements, review all your options, and give you a FREE quote once you’ve said yes to getting K-Guard on your home. Then, we will schedule the installation on the best day and time for you. Our installation process takes about one full day to complete. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give us a call today at 913-380-1616. 


Here at K-Guard, we are a family. Our number one priority is taking care of you and your families. Travis Burch and Carter Clond created this seamless gutter system so that you could spend less time on unnecessary gutter chores and more time with those you love most. Time is something we can never get enough of in life, and before you know it, your son or daughter is graduating high school and going off to college or trade school. Go spend your time watching your children’s dance recitals or baseball games. Maybe you don’t have kids but want to go on that trip with your friends or family. Now you can! Don’t waste any more of your precious time cleaning your gutters. Let our seamless gutter do all the work for you. 


We offer our advanced leaf-free gutter system across Kansas City and Missouri. We offer our services in Topeka, St. Joseph, Manhattan, Columbia, Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks, St. Louis, and more! It doesn’t matter where you are in between! 


If you are ready to say goodbye to gutter chores for good, you can call us at 913-380-1616 or email us at GM@KCKguard.com. We also have more helpful information on our website, with many pictures, videos, and thousands of reviews from our satisfied customers. We can’t wait to hear from you! 



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