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Signs of an Incorrect Gutter Installation

Improperly Installed Gutter System - K-Guard Heartland

Mistakes happen. No one is perfect, however, when someone makes a mistake when installing something on our homes the results could be disastrous. We’ve all tried to DIY something around our homes that turned out to be a fail, however, when it comes to something as crucial as our gutter systems, there is no room for mistake. Even the slightest mishap can result in a costly, disastrous repair that can ruin other parts of our homes. Although rare, even professionals make mistakes.

Keep reading for signs of an incorrect gutter installation so you can spot a mistake before it results in severe damage.


Incorrect Downspout Placement

How the gutters and downspouts are placed in a gutter system is crucial for the effectiveness of the gutter system as a whole. Every part of the gutter system relies on the gutter and downspout placement to function, so they need to be placed correctly. When a gutter or downspout is installed incorrectly or is placed in the wrong spot, the damage could be extreme.

Downspouts function to collect the water from the gutters and direct and drain it away from the home. With traditional gutter systems, the downspout is connected to the gutter trough then bracketed to the side of the home. The bottom of a downspout has elbows which are where the downspout changes direction and bends at an angle to keep water away from a home’s foundation. 

If a downspout is placed in the wrong place then it may not collect and drain water from the gutters, resulting in an overflow of water and possible roof damage. The downspout may be draining the water somewhere it shouldn’t like too close to the home’s siding, foundation, or near a walkway. Foundation damage is a nightmare you don’t want to deal with.


Interior Leaks & Roof Damage

Interior leaks and roof damage may be another sign of an incorrect gutter installation. When a gutter system isn’t installed correctly then it may cause water to seep into other parts of the home like through the home’s soffit and fascia boards and even into the home itself. Interior leaks can cause damage to the home’s siding and walls and can even cause mold growth depending on the elements and how long it goes unnoticed.

Roof damage can also occur as a result of incorrect gutter installation. When water isn’t able to properly collect into a gutter and drain through the downspouts then water will remain on the roof, collecting under shingles and causing damage to the roof sheathing and underlayment. Roofs are quite the investment and a gutter system should help protect them, not damage them.


Incorrect Pitch

In its basic definition, roof pitch – also known as its slope –  is the number of inches your roof rises for every foot of depth. As an example, a 6/12 pitch represents a rise of six inches for every foot inward toward its peak, also known as its ridge. Whether your home has a flat/low-slope, gable, hip, or metal roof, it should always have a quality gutter system installed correctly to ensure the roof is kept dry and water drains properly.

A gutter system that is installed with an incorrect pitch will prevent water from flowing through the gutters and downspouts correctly. Too much of a pitch can cause the water to move too quickly and overflow. Too little of a pitch can cause the water to come to a standstill and not flow into the downspouts and drain away from the home. The result could be extensive water damage to your home’s exterior.


Clogged Gutters

Sectional gutter systems are already prone to clogs compared to seamless gutters, however, when they’re installed incorrectly then they could clog even easier. Sectional gutters are installed using brackets, joints, nuts, and bolts, and if one of these pieces is installed incorrectly then it could result in even more clogs.

Clogs in half-found gutters are common but depending on how severe they are it can be a nightmare for homeowners. The risks of clogged gutters include basement flooding, foundation damage, overflowing and sagging gutters, damage to the soffit and fascia boards, roof damage, and more.

While many gutter installation companies are reputable, there is a slight risk of an incorrect gutter installation. Likewise, hiring a gutter installation company that isn’t reputable could result in many mistakes and issues. A DIY gutter installation job could also result in improper installation. A properly installed gutter system is crucial to protect your home from damage, especially here in the Heartland where we experience all sorts of weather conditions.

Luckily, the installation team at K-Guard has decades of experience installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System and has thousands of happy customers across the Heartland. Our seamless gutter product eliminates the risk for clogs and drainage issues, ultimately protecting your home.

At K-Guard, we do everything we can to ensure your new K-Guard leaf-free gutter system installation process is a quick and easy one. When you make the switch to K-Guard, you can expect your new gutter system to be of the utmost quality with high-grade materials and craftsmanship that simply can’t be beaten. Call (913) 380-1616 to get started today!

K-Guard proudly offers our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations:


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