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Risks of a DIY Gutter Installation

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Homeowners love DIY projects. Nothing beats the satisfaction of fixing something yourself or completing a do-it-yourself project. Some DIY projects are great for homeowners like fixing faucet leaks, assembling furniture, painting the home, etc. Although there are many things we can DIY, there are some projects that we shouldn’t do ourselves, one being installing gutters.

There are many risks when it comes to installing gutters yourself. Keep reading to learn about the risk of a DIY gutter installation so you can avoid a potential disaster.



The biggest risk when it comes to a DIY gutter installation is safety. The use of a tall ladder is required and is safer for professionals who are used to working on tall ladders. Installing gutters often requires climbing on and moving around on the roof, a very dangerous task. Roofs can be very slippery and can result in serious injuries in the event of a fall. Remember that professional gutter installation companies have insurance for a reason – to protect themselves in the event of an injury. Leave climbing tall ladders and walking on the roof to the professionals.


Paying More for Materials

Most gutter installation companies buy materials in bulk and receive a lower price than the average consumer. If you buy all of the materials needed for a DIY gutter installation project, odds are you’ll be paying more than the professionals do. Along with more expensive materials, there are also many tools needed for measuring, cutting, and installing the gutters which can add up quickly. Gutter installation companies have all the tools and materials needed to install gutters, saving you the hassle of purchasing materials and tools at a higher price.


Incorrect Installation

The last thing you want is for gutters and downspouts to be installed incorrectly. The risks involved with incorrect gutter installation include leaks, tearing away from the home, sagging and overflowing gutters, and structural damage including foundation damage. Installing gutters requires precise measurements and placements that are guaranteed correct if you hire the right gutter installation company. Avoid the risk of incorrect installation by hiring a professional.


Incorrect Measurements

As previously mentioned, incorrect measurements can be a nightmare for homeowners. Installing gutters and downspouts requires precise measurements including the pitch of the gutters. It’s easy to make a mistake when measuring but a nightmare to fix. When you hire a professional gutter installation company, they use tools that give exact measurements that are guaranteed to fit your home.

When you hire K-Guard to install our seamless gutters, we arrive with a 24 ft. truck that has a rolling machine inside. Our rolling machine takes flat coil stock that runs through a series of rollers to get the perfect cut and bend to ensure the enamel on the product won’t crack. We measure everything to the be exact and perfect fit for your home to avoid disasters due to incorrect measurements.


No Warranties

Another risk of installing gutters yourself is that it doesn’t come with any warranties. Most gutter installation companies offer some form of a warranty that includes protection in the event an issue with the gutters occurs. Installing gutters yourself doesn’t include any warranties, so if something is installed incorrectly you’re not covered and there are costs associated with fixing and replacing parts.

Our K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is backed by three-lifetime warranties: a lifetime paint warranty, a lifetime no-clog warranty, and a lifetime no-pull away warranty. Our lifetime warranties cover your gutters should they ever pull away from the home, clog, or if paint chips, but trust us – that won’t happen!


DIY Installation Could Void Your Roof’s Warranty

Gutters and roofs work together to protect our homes from water damage. If gutters are installed incorrectly near the roof then your roof’s warranty could be voided, costing you thousands of dollars if roof damage occurs. If any part of the gutter system touches or affects the roof then it’ll most likely void the roof’s warranty.

Most gutter installation companies void roof warranties, however, K-Guard will never void your roof’s warranty.

There are many risks involved with a DIY gutter installation project so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You could avoid injuries, paying more for materials and tools, incorrect installation, and incorrect measurements by hiring a professional.

While there are many gutter installation companies in Kansas City, none of them can match K-Guard’s extreme durability, performance, and appearance. Our seamless gutter system can withstand all types of weather conditions and won’t pull away from your home in the event of severe weather. Because our system is a complete gutter system and is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, it’s able to outperform any other system on the market. From our hood to our gutter and downspouts, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System can keep water flowing through the system at a rapid pace all while blocking leaves and other debris, forcing them to fall off the gutter system rather than accumulate inside it over time.

We offer a free estimate that includes a detailed analysis of your current gutter system and our recommendations and pricing for installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Call (913) 380-1616 to get started today!

K-Guard proudly offers our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations:


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