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How Gutters Affect Your Home’s Resale Value

Selling your home? Thinking about possibly listing your home in the future? Whether you’re planning on moving houses immediately or soon, it’s best to assess your home’s resale value to get an idea of what it’s worth. There are plenty of things that can affect your home’s resale value.

Location, square footage, upgrades made to the home, the age and condition, interest rates, and the local housing market are just some of the factors that can affect your home’s resale value. Along with these factors, did you know that quality gutters can have an impact on your home’s value and potential buyers?

Keep reading to learn about how gutters affect your home’s resale value and how you can pique a potential buyer’s interest with the right gutter system.

Great Gutters Add Curb Appeal

Gutters can be replaced before or after you purchase a home, but did you know that potential homebuyers get a first impression of a home’s gutters when they first glance at a home’s exterior? Because gutters are such a crucial component of a home, they’re often noticed at first glance. Since gutters are one of the first things potential homebuyers see, they must be in the best possible shape to make the right first impression.

If you’re wanting to save money but still attract potential buyers then you could try repairing your gutter system to get it to look better. If you want potential buyers to be impressed and even more interested in your home then you may want to replace them. A new gutter system that complements your home’s exterior adds curb appeal that may just result in your home being under contract.

Gutters Protect the Home’s Exterior & Interior

How Gutters Protect the Exterior

If you have quality gutters installed on your home then your home’s exterior is probably in decent, market listing shape. When your home’s gutter system functions properly by collecting and draining water away from your home’s foundation then the rest of your home’s exterior should be in relatively good condition. Your home should be free of foundation damage and the landscaping that surrounds your home’s entrance and walkway should be in great shape. Excess water that’s left to collect due to an improper gutter system can ruin your home’s exterior, decreasing its market value. A home exterior that’s in great shape will attract potential buyers and will help you sell much quicker than if your exterior were damaged from an improper gutter system.

How Gutters Protect the Interior

Gutters are crucial to keeping not only the exterior of your home in great shape but also the interior of your home. All water that flows from a roof and into the gutter system, down the downspouts, and drains away from the home keeps the roof, soffit, and fascia drier. But what damage can occur to a home’s interior due to a faulty gutter system? A lot.

When water is left to accumulate on a roof you could see damage like interior leaks and mold and mildew issues. If you do have a gutter system installed on your home but it’s clogged or it doesn’t drain properly then you could see all sorts of damage caused by an overflowing gutter like basement flooding, water entering your home’s front and back entryways, foundation damage, rotted fascia boards, and damaged soffits, etc.

How can I Increase a Potential Buyer’s Interest with the Right Gutter System?

Any newly installed gutter system can look decent, but if you want your gutter system to attract the right buyers who will be impressed then consider installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. The K-Guard Gutter System is the most advanced leaf-free system on the market and is the best choice for adding value to your home.

What makes K-Guard the most advanced leaf-free gutter system on the market? For one, our gutter system has patented high-strength hangers that will never droop along your roofline. Our gutter system also uses larger downspouts that can collect and drain more water than traditional gutter systems, something homes need in The Heartland due to our higher than average precipitation totals. The K-Guard Gutter System also eliminates the possibility of gutter separation, sagging, and overflowing. 

There are many benefits to installing our gutter product, including our three lifetime warranties, which are transferable to the new owner of the home. This makes for a great selling point to those not interested in cleaning out their gutters and is something that other gutter companies in Kansas City can’t offer. If you’re interested in learning more about the K-Guard Gutter System or if you have any questions, contact us today. We offer free in-home estimates that include a detailed analysis of your current gutter system along with estimated costs for installing your K-Guard Gutter System. K-Guard proudly offers our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations:

We look forward to helping you increase your home’s resale value by installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System!


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