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Are you and your friends looking for something to do this Weekend in Lawrence, Kansas?

Lawrence is a city in northeastern Kansas, United States. It is the sixth-largest city in the state and is located in Douglas County. The city is home to the University of Kansas, which is the largest public university in the state.


Lawrence was founded in 1854 and named after Amos Lawrence, a philanthropist who helped to finance the settlement of the town. During the American Civil War, Lawrence was the site of a notorious raid by Confederate guerrillas led by William Quantrill, who burned much of the town and killed around 200 men and boys.


Today, Lawrence is a vibrant college town with a thriving arts and culture scene. It is known for its live music venues, historic architecture, and outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking and biking trails, parks, and nature preserves. The city also has a strong commitment to sustainability, with a number of initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and preserving its natural resources.


There are a variety of activities and events happening in Lawrence this weekend, from March 31st through April 2nd. 


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Explore Downtown Lawrence: Take a stroll through the historic downtown area and enjoy the unique shops, restaurants, and architecture. You can also visit the Lawrence Arts Center, which has galleries, exhibitions, and performances.
  • Attend a Sporting Event: Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas, and there are several sporting events happening during this time. You can catch a KU baseball game or a women’s softball game.
  • Visit the Spencer Museum of Art: This museum features a collection of more than 45,000 works of art from around the world, including paintings, sculptures, and textiles.
  • Take a Hike: The Clinton Lake State Park is located just outside of Lawrence and offers several hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and picnic areas.
  • Attend a Concert: There are several live music venues in Lawrence, including The Granada Theater, The Bottleneck, and The Jazzhaus. Check out their schedules to see if there are any concerts that interest you.
  • Tour a Brewery: Lawrence is home to several craft breweries, including Free State Brewing Company and Lawrence Beer Co. You can take a tour and taste some of their unique brews.
  • Visit the Natural History Museum: The University of Kansas Natural History Museum has exhibits on dinosaurs, fossils, and Kansas wildlife.


Overall, Lawrence is a vibrant community with a lot to offer visitors. Whether you enjoy art, sports, or the outdoors, you will find something to do during your visit.

This is the perfect weather to start getting out of the house! The sunshine and fresh smell of green grass are here, and it’s one of the best times of the year! With this beautiful spring weather, there are so many things homeowners need to do to prepare their homes for the new season. One of the most important things for you and your home is cleaning out your gutters! 


Why are cleaning my Gutters so important? 


We typically get a lot of sunshine and a perfect breeze, but spring also means heavy rain and thunderstorm season. Keeping your gutters clean and unclogged is crucial in keeping your home safe from potential water damage. Gutters have a purpose of directing the water away from your home so that it doesn’t cause water damage to your roof, foundation, or even cause leaks, which will cause flooding in your home. Water can also cause mold in your home, leading to severe health conditions. 


People with open-top gutter systems often try installing gutter guards or screens. Now gutter guards and screens will help keep debris out, but the holes are still big enough for debris to enter. If the holes become clogged, then your water has nowhere to go. This will lead the water to other places of your home. 


No one likes to clean their gutters. It’s one of the worst chores because it’s such a hassle. On top of that, ladders aren’t the safest to be climbing on. If there was a gutter system that did all the work for you, would you be interested in hearing more? Well, you’re in luck. We do! 


The solution that will change your life forever!


Having a gutter system that NEVER gets clogged and needs ZERO maintenance from the moment it’s installed? A gutter system that allows you to get out of the house? Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? It’s real life! That system that will change your life is called K-Guard! 


K-Guard is a seamless gutter with a hood that keeps debris from entering and allows water to travel through the system. Not only does it keep debris out and allows the water to flow through nicely, but it can also fix drainage issues. K-Guard is the only gutter system that provides a top-of-the-line service! 


K-Guard is the most durable system on the market. Not only does the K-Guard system direct rainwater away from your home, but it’s incredibly durable. The K-Guard system can withstand any weather conditions. In addition, our system is made with heavy-duty aluminum, which will never corrode, and the paint will never chip. 


The performance level of the K-Guard system is certainly unbeatable. No other gutter system performs like the K-Guard system. Our system is built with heavy-duty materials and keeps water flowing through at a steady rate while keeping debris from clogging, making this the best solution for you and your home. 


Everyone knows that gutters don’t always look the prettiest and can sometimes draw the wrong attention to your home. The K-guard system adds a gorgeous touch to the exterior of your home like never before. Our seamless hood perfects the gutter system’s look, which will make you fall in love with your home even more. K-Guard also offers thirty-six color options best to match the look and style of your home. Everyone will be stopping by wanting to know where you got your gutters!


Last thing- 


As we mentioned, there are several different gutter options, gutter guards, and screens. But the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is different. It’s simply unbeatable. All of your other options will only cause you more frustration and cause you to spend more money over time when you could simply get the K-Gaurd system installed and never have to worry again! 


Here is a video below from K-Guard’s Co-Owner, Travis Burch. This video will help explain and demonstrate the differences between K-Guard and all others. 


K-Guard VS. All Others – Comparison of Filters-Covers, and “The Other” system


Suppose you want to hear more about the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Our website has many videos, pictures, blogs, and hundreds to thousands of costume reviews. We firmly believe in being knowledgeable about the next gutter option you choose for your home. We value you and your time, which is why K-Guard offers FREE estimates with our sales representatives from the comfort of your home. So give us a call at 913-380-1616, You tell us the best time and day that works for you, and we will be there! 


We offer our services all over the Kansas and Missouri area. No matter how far or where you are in between. Here are some locations- Kansas City, Lawrence, Clinton, Eudora, Pleasant Grove, Linwood, Perry, Richland, and more! 


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