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Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Summer Backyard BBQ

It’s summertime and the living is easy! School’s out for months, the weather is hot, pool days are once again a thing, and grilling outdoors is a regular occurrence. Honestly, what’s not to love about summertime? It’s a great season to get together with family and friends for pool parties, bonfires, and of course BBQs!

Whether you’re planning on hosting an outdoor birthday party, Fourth of July gathering, family reunion, or any other occasion that calls for grilling out, we want to make sure you make the most of it. Follow our tips for throwing the ultimate summer backyard BBQ so you can be the backyard BBQ connoisseur that family and friends rely on all summer long!


Check the Grill

Picture this: all of your guests arrive for your BBQ and it’s time to fire up the grill, only you don’t have any charcoal or propane in the tank. Could you imagine the panic you would feel to keep your guests waiting while you run to the store to purchase some charcoal/propane? 

Avoid the panic and make sure you have enough charcoal/propane in advance. While you’re checking the grill beforehand, go ahead and clean it as well. Grills should be cleaned thoroughly at the start of each grilling season and the grates should be scrubbed following each grilling session. Not only will you lessen the chance for a fire to start with caked-on food drippings, but your grill will heat up more evenly and the food will taste better if the grill is clean.


Create the Perfect Ambiance

While your guests will appreciate a simple backyard for the BBQ, you can impress them by creating the perfect backyard BBQ ambiance. What exactly do we mean by that? Spruce up your backyard space! Whether you have a small or large outdoor space, you can always personalize it and add pieces and decorations that will set the tone for the ultimate summer BBQ.

 Consider adding a few new pieces to your outdoor patio space and backyard that can create a relaxing atmosphere. Things like string lights, some extra outdoor throw pillows, outdoor fans, and new pool floats can impress even the hardest to please guests (we all have one). Again, don’t go crazy spending a ton of money to create the perfect ambiance – just a few inexpensive additions to your current patio setup should do the trick. Check out our previous blog with tips for creating the ultimate outdoor patio space for more inspiration!


Add Some Games

No backyard summer BBQ is complete without games. After all, you’re in the sun for hours eating delicious food. Odds are that you’ll probably want to move around a bit – children definitely will. You don’t have to spend a fortune and set up an entire croquet course to entertain guests – there are plenty of inexpensive and entertaining options that can either be purchased online or in a store and even some that can be your next DIY project. 

When considering which games to add to your next BBQ, keep in mind the ages of the guests that will be attending. If there are going to be young children attending, add some simple and fun games like outdoor bowling, a sprinkler, a water balloon station, etc. For adults, choose a variety of games like a simple and fun horseshoe game, a strategic game of dominoes, or a mindless and thrilling game of corn hole. Guests will love sipping on a beverage and playing outdoor lawn games while they mingle.


Provide a Variety of Drinks/Snacks

Let’s face it – throwing a summer backyard BBQ in the Greater Kansas City Area requires lots of drinks to keep cool and snacks to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat. High outdoor temperatures combined with humidity and standing/sitting in the sun for hours can exhaust your guests. 

Keep them cool and hydrated by providing a variety of drinks and snacks for the duration of the BBQ. Of course, every guest, young or old, will need plenty of water to stay hydrated so make sure you have bottled water readily available. Consider adding any of the following beverages to please any guest: soda, juice, sports drinks, and an array of alcoholic beverages of course. For snacks, keep them light and refreshing and consider things like fresh fruit, nuts, sliced cucumber, and granola bars.


Toast S’mores for Dessert

Ditch having to prep and cook dessert and opt for toasting s’mores for dessert. Everyone loves a good s’more or at least one component of them, whether it be the graham crackers, marshmallows, or chocolate bars. Not only will your guests find them fun but providing your attendees with s’mores ingredients, a fire, and camping sticks are easier and cheaper than buying many different ingredients to prepare multiple desserts. Plus, it gives you a reason to have a fire – the perfect ending to a successful and fun BBQ.

After reading our tips above, are you envisioning your summer backyard BBQ? By following the tips above you can bring your vision to life and impress neighbors, friends, and family members at your next BBQ. We hope you have plenty of opportunities to host them this summer!

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