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Tips for Improving Your Landscaping

Beautiful Landscaping on Suburban Home - K-Guard Heartland

Our landscaping says a lot about our homes: bright, colorful flowers and pruned greenery may indicate a well cared for home while dark, unkempt landscaping may indicate that the house isn’t in the best condition. We all want our homes to look the best they can, especially if you’re considering selling your home within the near future. A home’s landscaping is one of the first things potential homebuyers notice since it’s right on the outside of the home, therefore, it should be in the best possible shape. 

Whether your landscaping skills are impressive or if you’re a novice, we want to share some tips for improving your landscaping so you can impress neighbors and family and catch the eye of a passerby and potential homebuyers! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Plan Ahead

Just like you would plan for a home renovation project, you’ll want to plan your landscaping ideas ahead of time. Doing so will allow you to take exact measurements of the landscaping footage you’re working on to understand the materials you need and the correct size of plants you’ll need. If you’re DIYing your landscaping project then you’ll need to plan everything from the design of the project to purchasing and planting everything you’ll be incorporating into your landscaping.

So where do you begin? Start by determining which plants and flowers thrive in our region to ensure they’ll be healthy and can survive the Heartland’s many weather patterns from our soaking rainy season to our frigid winters. Once you have a running list of plants you’d like to add to your landscaping, consider the following:

    • The texture of the plants you’ll be adding
    • The colors of the plants you’ll be planting
    • The order of your landscaping 
    • The line of your landscape

There are plenty of resources available that can help you while planning your landscaping project. Having a plan in place versus blindly landscaping will result in a smoother and more appealing landscape.

2. Improve Your Lawn

We all want to have lush green lawns full of fescue or Kentucky bluegrass that grows perfectly each spring. Having a beautiful lawn can mean better air quality and seeing fewer creepy crawlers that are attracted to weeds. Having a great lawn is easier said than done and takes a lot of preparation and time, but it is completely worth it and can improve your overall landscape.

You don’t have to rip up your current grass and start from scratch, however, you may want to consult with a professional lawn care company on how best to free your lawn of weeds and improve your grass. Many lawn care companies can improve your lawn in a short time by spraying the weeds and fertilizing your lawn. While you can improve your lawn yourself, be sure to research so you know which products work best for grass in our region and how to safely handle lawn care products. Improving your lawn will improve your overall landscaping and will impress the entire neighborhood and potential homebuyers!

3. Include a Variety of Plants

As previously mentioned, researching the types of plants you want to include in your landscaping to understand which ones grow best in our climate can greatly improve your landscaping. Selecting plants that thrive in the greater Kansas City area can add balance and color to your yard and home, something that’s sure to catch the eye. Perennials like peonies and shrubs like ninebark and Bluebeards thrive in our climate and will add gorgeous color to your home’s landscaping. 

4. Choose Plants that Can Survive The Heartland’s Climate

The Heartland has a climate that’s different from other regions in the country; we experience all four seasons with ice storms, a rainy season, and severe weather year-round. Our weather is often unpredictable, therefore, choosing native plants may be best when adding greenery to your landscaping. Anytime you put a new plant into your soil it needs to grow and develop a root system that will give it access to nutrients deep within the soil. Native plants can survive our rainy season, ice storms, and severe weather.

Following the tips above will help you improve your landscaping in no time. Whether you’re going to DIY your landscaping project or hire a professional, you’ll benefit from researching and planning. The 4 tips for better landscaping above will help improve your property’s curb appeal in no time!

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