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The Importance of Gutters to Your Home’s Resale Value

Today, we’re discussing the K-Guard leaf filter gutter system and how it can maintain and even increase your home’s resale value.

Home prices continue to rise in Kansas City and across the country. The current environment is encouraging many owners to put their homes up for sale. However, they may be in for an unfortunate surprise when the home inspector provides their report.

There could be numerous issues they were never aware of. For instance, the fascia boards (the roofline) and soffit (layer under the fascia) are rotted. The report can point out water stains and peeling paint around the foundation. Inside, areas where the drywall is soft or moldy due to water damage can be detected. Overall, the report will most likely say these problems are due to faulty rain gutters.

Positive and Negative Collectors

A gutter’s purpose is to prevent precipitation from collecting near the roofline. As it accumulates, gravity helps it move toward downspouts normally located at the corners of your home. From there, the water usually flows down the driveway or onto the lawn.

While gutters help maintain the integrity of a home, they also create numerous negatives. In addition to water, open gutters collect leaves, seeds, whirlybirds, baseballs, frisbees, and other debris. Over time, these items can diminish or completely stop the regular flow of water and possibly clog the downspouts.

Damage Inside and Outside the Home

If not taken care of on a regular basis, clogged gutters can cause serious and pricey damage inside and outside the home. For example, the weight of the water and debris can separate the gutter and downspout from the house. Not only does this damage the foundation and roof, but also nearby vehicles and fences.

And this is what you can see., The water needs to go somewhere even if the gutters are clogged. So, it laps over the sides, through the seams between the gutter and downspout, or splashes up near the roofline.

When this occurs, the fascia and soffit become rotted and soft. This results in water seeping inside the home and down walls. The owner may not notice this at first. However, they can smell it as mold starts to grow in unventilated areas.

When water laps over the sides of the gutter it can cause erosion to the foundation and siding. Thus, there may be a day when the owner notices water damage all around a window frame or damp areas around basement walls.

These are costly repairs which most home insurance policies do not cover. This means out-of-pocket payments to tear down walls, patch drywall, and repair or replace gutters. And even if a solid gutter cover or screened gutter guard is added, small debris can still get to start the process over.

Something Different When it Comes to Gutter Systems

K-Guard is something different when it comes to gutter systems. In fact, it, can make the Return on Investment (ROI) greater than what you pay for the product and installation.

There are four factors which go into our system which have made us the number one gutter business in the Kansas City area.

Seamless Construction

Instead of individual components which may or may not properly fit together, the K-Guard system features seamless construction. It is engineered to be fully integrated so once piece fits smoothly into another. Thus, no gaps which lead to clogs or damage to the home’s roof or foundation.

Strength and Durability

We pride ourselves on the strength and durability of the K-Guard system. Instead of the hangars being built around the gutters like other companies, we do the opposite. Each hanger is set 24-inches apart inside the gutter guards to maintain stability across your home’s flood plain. Furthermore, the hangers are made of all-weather polymers to handle weather extremes across all seasons.

More Capacity and Better Drainage

Regardless if it’s Kansas City, Los Angeles, or Boston, downpours and repeated days of constant rain are not uncommon. When rainfall is above average, standard gutters have a harder time collecting the water for proper drainage.

The K-Guard system has both more capacity and better drainage. Our system is nearly 50% larger than other systems for water collection. In addition, it accommodates larger 3×4 downspouts. Therefore, when the gutters start to drain, the water is released further away from the house.

True Lifetime Warranties

Because we’re so confident in our product, we offer a number of true lifetime warranties. By ‘true’ we mean 100% coverage on every piece of the gutter system – from the hood to the brackets. We also provide total coverage if the gutter’s paint finish begins to fade or chip or if it starts to pull away/fall off from the fascia board. And, if you think there’s a potential clog, we’ll inspect the K-Guard system and clean any potential clogs for free.

We’re More Than Just Words

You now know why a K-Guard system can help maintain or increase the value of your home. However, we’re more than just words, To get a true understanding of what we can do, it’s time to call, email, or fill out our Contact Us form to schedule an appointment.

While everyone says don’t delay, we mean it. Don’t wait for your gutters to clog or water damage your house. Work with K-Guard today to prepare your home for a quick sale.


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