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The Dangers of Misplaced Downspouts


Downspouts are a major component to a gutter system; they exist to drain rainwater and meltwater that flows from the gutters away from your home to prevent rotted fascia boards, interior leaking and basement flooding. To learn more about downspouts, click here.

In order to function properly, downspouts need to be placed in the right spots to offer the most protection against water damage. Unfortunately, not all home builders have quality gutter systems installed on the homes they build which can lead to misplaced downspouts.

Did you know misplaced downspouts can create a domino effect to other parts of your home? If not placed in the correct spots, downspouts can cause settled concrete and even structural damage.

What exactly are the dangers associated with misplaced downspouts? Continue reading to learn all about the problems and dangers misplaced downspouts can cause as well as a solution.


Dangers of Misplaced Downspouts

Damage to Driveways

Driveways undergo a lot of traffic (literally). From vehicles entering and exiting the garage to service trucks parking on them to kids playing on them, they go through a lot. While all of these things can cause concrete to settle overtime, a misplaced gutter right at the joint of the driveway and entryway is bound to create more damage in a shorter amount of time.

When water is constantly being dumped on a concrete surface like a driveway, unless the driveway was built at an angle for water to drain away from the home, the water has nowhere to go except for under the concrete. As a result, the driveway with a misplaced downspout will see settled concrete and cracks over time.

Damage to Sidewalks

Much like driveways, sidewalks and pathways undergo a lot of traffic. Whether it be entering and exiting your front door multiple times a day, mail services dropping off packages at your front door, or neighbors walking around the neighborhood, sidewalks and pathways are one of the most frequented spots of a home. 

As we mentioned earlier, when water is being dumped on a concrete surface like a sidewalk or pathway due to a misplaced downspout, water eventually seeps under the concrete and creates cracks.

Is there a solution?

Unfortunately, builders don’t always factor into account the ability for water to properly drain away from the homes they build. While some builders hire gutter installation contractors that do an excellent job, others don’t and will hire companies to get gutters installed fast, often resulting in errors.

One way to prevent water from being dumped on driveways and sidewalks/pathways is to hire a gutter company in Kansas City like K-Guard. First, we’ll conduct an inspection on your current gutter system. We’ll analyze how well your gutters are working to drain water away from your home, if there are any clogs and if downspouts are in the right place.

After we conduct an inspection on your current gutter system we’ll provide you with a free estimate of our K-Guard seamless gutters. Why K-Guard? Our gutter system can handle more water than “traditional” gutter systems and can drain more water away from your home through larger downspouts which is crucial when you live in an area like Kansas City that sees heavy rains and powerful storms.

Along with the ability to drain more water away from your home and being equipped with larger downspouts to handle more water, our seamless gutter systems prevent clogs from leaves and other debris for a lifetime! They’re also attractive and add beauty to a home.

If you’d like us to install our K-Guard seamless gutter system on your home or if you have any questions, contact us today. We look forward to helping keep your home dryer and safer by installing seamless and lifetime clog free gutters! 


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