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Here is Why You Shouldn’t Install Gutter Filters

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Many homeowners find themselves doing extensive research before deciding to have something installed on or in their home, whether that involves having an entirely new product installed or replacing an existing one. Whatever the reason, you should feel confident in your decision regardless of how big or small the product is.

Every home needs a quality gutter system installed – they’re crucial to protecting your home from drainage issues and keeping your roof dier. While some homeowners choose to install gutter guards and more permanent solutions, some opt for half-round gutters or other gutter products like gutter screens and gutter filters. While some of these “other” gutter products can be effective to a certain extent, they don’t offer complete protection.

If you’ve been thinking of installing gutter filters on your home, think again. Many issues can arise and homeowners often find themselves faced with some as a result of installing gutter filters. Continue reading to learn about several problems with gutter filters and how you can avoid a nightmare.


What are Gutter Filters?

Gutter filters have a component on the top of the screen that collects seeds and keeps large debris out of the gutter system to help prevent clogs from forming in the gutters and downspouts. They’re installed by simply placing them over an existing half-round or open-top gutter system. 

There are a couple of different variations of gutter filters, however, they function the same. Many companies will claim that gutter filters are maintenance-free or low maintenance but this simply isn’t the case. They’re often made from surgical steel and require regular cleaning with a tool like a toothbrush. Scrubbing gutter filters with a toothbrush for the entire perimeter of your home can take hours if not days to complete. That doesn’t sound maintenance-free to us.


What are the Dangers of Installing Gutter Filters?

Many homeowners choose to DIY a gutter filter installation project because they’re far less expensive than replacing the entire gutter system. While it may be cheaper in the short term, it’ll end up being far more expensive in the long run. Why? They can and often cause more harm than good.

For one, gutter filters do not eliminate the possibility for debris like leaves, twigs, and silt to enter the gutter system. There are tiny openings on the filters that end up acting as a “shelf” for debris, meaning seeds, silt, and roof granules can sit and collect on top of the filter. When tiny seeds and silt are left to collect then over time the gutter filters can sprout little trees and weeds, making your home an eyesore.

Next, gutter filters can impede the flow of water resulting in costly damage like foundation damage, basement flooding, roof damage, and rotted fascia boards and siding. That tiny debris that can sit on top of the filter as mentioned above can block the small openings, making it impossible for water to flow through the filters and into the gutters, forcing the water to flow over the gutter system.

Last, gutter filters can void your roof’s warranty. The last thing you want is for your roof to be damaged from a natural cause and the warranty to be voided due to a gutter filter installation. Gutter filters can void your roof’s warranty by being placed underneath the shingle. Whether you’re installing them yourself or hiring a professional, be sure to never install or have them installed under shingles. The results could cost you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.


Are There Any Alternatives to Gutter Filters?

The best thing you can do to protect your home from drainage issues is to install the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. No other gutter system or solution on the market matches K-Guard’s performance, durability, and appearance. K-Guard’s Gutter installation process involves dismantling your current gutter system and installing K-Guard using our patented gutter hangers that will never void your roof’s warranty.

The K-Guard System performs like no other; our gutter system allows 22 inches of rain per hour to enter the gutter system while keeping all debris out. With nowhere for debris and pests to enter, there is no way for your K-Guard System to clog. Our gutter system is so effective at eliminating clogs that we offer a lifetime no-clog warranty.

The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is hands down more appealing to the eye than gutter filters. Applied directly over a half-round gutter system, gutter filters are unsightly and with the chance for trees and weeds to sprout from the tops of them, they’ll quickly become an eyesore. K-Guard is seamless, offering an attractive sleek, curved design.

Think twice if you’re considering installing gutter filters on your half-round or open-top gutter system. There are many issues and costly damages that can occur as a result of having gutter filters installed. Rather, opt for the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System to offer complete drainage protection for your home.

Contact our team today or call (913) 380-1616 to schedule your free estimate. We’ll examine your current gutter system and will offer an assessment as well as our recommendations for installing the K-Guard System in your home. We offer our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations:


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