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Half Round Gutters: Top Reasons to Avoid Them

There’s a specific reason why our leaf free system is named K-Guard. In the industry, the angled, aluminum units we use are called K-style gutters.

The idea for this seamless gutter concept was created nearly four decades ago. Today, they account for over 80% of units installed on homes.

What are Half Round Gutters?

Prior to the arrival of the seamless gutter machine in the late 1960s, other types of systems were utilized to catch and drain rainwater. On older homes, much of this was done by half round gutters.

The system is as its named. It features a smooth, half round surface instead of the square K-style. Besides the standard aluminum, they come in other materials, including copper and galvanized metal.

Installation Today and Yesterday

This type of gutter system was widely used in Europe and eventually made its way to the U.S. Today, owners of older classic homes request these gutters. They feel they’re more stylish as well as esthetically appealing. In addition, since half-round gutters are made with different materials, they mesh better with home exteriors. Furthermore, these types of gutters may be a requirement if you are refurbishing a home that is part of an historic registry.

The Downsides to Half-Round Gutters

Some think these gutters would be the perfect solution for a newer home. Not only would they look more like molding than a drainage tool but their installation could increase their home’s sales price.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While they look good, they have a number of disadvantages of the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System and K-style gutters as well. Some are severe enough they could damage your home or business.

Here are a few of the issues with half-round gutters you need to consider before you make a purchase.

  1. Width of the drainage area. The average width of a half-round gutter is three inches. This doesn’t hold nearly enough rainwater during a heavy storm. In turn, the downspout may not be able to keep up with precipitation volumes. This results in more overflows than normal and backsplash issues that cause damage to the soffit, fascia, and foundation.
  2. Limited Availability. When you need a K-Guard system it’s available within a short period of time. We’ve taken the seamless machine concept and engineer our gutters as one piece. Such is not the case with half-round gutters. There aren’t as many suppliers of this type of hardware. In addition, when you request them in a material other than aluminum, they take longer to produce, especially when you request a custom color.
  3. They are more expensive. Half-round gutters also have a higher price due to their manufacturing method. They require special threaded rods and hanger brackets to install them. Therefore, professional installation could be required at additional costs.
  4. They are heavier than standard gutters. Modern K-style gutters are made of a lighter aluminum composition. While half-round gutters can come in aluminum, they are heavier due to their construction and heavier hanger brackets are required.

Unfortunately, this means a greater risk of damage to person and property. If water doesn’t properly drain, the combination of liquid and metal will cause the gutters to separate from the roofline, resulting in serious damage to your property.

What are you Going to Do?

Once you consider these options, are half-round gutters still right for you? If it’s “aesthetics,” you’re worried about, K-Guard is the perfect option.  With over 30+ colors to choose from, can match the color of any exterior.  Plus, the seamless, customized “runs” are cut on the spot, which dramatically improve evacuation performance and overall look of the gutters.  Please call us today at 913-229-7550 for a free estimate or check out our portfolio.


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