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Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you have open gutters or a gutter system other than K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters, you might need some helpful tips and tricks to make cleaning them as painless and safe as possible – for you and your home.

Tip 1: Clean during calm weather: Inclement conditions will make you rush through gutter maintenance which may cause you to miss something. Try to take care of everything in calm conditions.

If it’s going to be hot, work on the gutters in the early morning or late in the day. Cold day? Work on the gutters during the sunniest and warmest part of the day. Storm coming? At the first flash of lightning or clap of thunder get off the ladder and go inside.

Tip 2: Have your tools ready: A sturdy ladder, trowel and garbage bags are all you need for regular maintenance. If the hangers are loose, make sure to bring the right size screwdriver or drill bit to tighten the hardware. You may also need replacement screws or nuts to replace corroded items.

Tip 3: Avoid corrosive cleaning chemicals: Once the channels and downspouts are free of debris, don’t clean them with bleach or another corrosive chemical.  They can be harmful to your gutters and if you collect runoff into rain barrels, your water supply will be contaminated.

Make a cleaning solution of dish soap, baking soda, and water. The dish soap breaks up any stains in the gutters while the baking soda deodorizes and decontaminates the channels and downspouts.

Step 4: Check for any water damage: Examine the facia and soffit – the area behind the gutters at the roofline – for any soft areas or mold. 

Follow the line of the downspout to determine if any other damage occurred. You may see stains on the siding or cracks in the foundation. If the foundation is damaged, head inside to see if there are any water stains or mold in the basement or around window frames.

Step 5:  Learn about K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters:  The K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System was invented to eliminate clogged gutters and drainage issues.  Our leaf-free system only collects precipitation and prevents backsplash that can encourage wood rot and mold in your facia and soffits.

Step 6: Ask for a free K-Guard estimate: To eliminate future cleaning contact us for a free estimate. We will provide you with our recommendations and costs.  K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutters offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

With K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutters, you don’t spend precious time cleaning your clogged gutters and downspouts.  We want you and your home to be safe – no climbing ladders again.  Wouldn’t you rather spend that time doing something you love?  Call us today at 913-229-7550 for a free estimate.


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