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Four Ways K-Guard Differs from other Enclosed Systems

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Why our Patented System is Better than our Competitors


Today, we’re going to look at the differences between the K-Guard leaf free gutter system and those sold by our competitors. Because, while they state their covered gutters are the same, if not better than ours, we tend to disagree.

If we were similar, then we wouldn’t have installed 32 million linear feet of gutters in the Kansas City area and across the United States. Or, we wouldn’t have been praised by HGTV experts. Or, we wouldn’t be in business anymore.

This isn’t a simple boast. Time and again, our customers provide us with five-star reviews for both our product and installation services. We’re proud of each one of these stars.

As we continue to advance, we move farther away from the competition. To demonstrate, here are four ways the K-Guard leaf fee gutter system is different than others.

Intelligent Engineering and Seamless Construction

The K-Guard system truly lacks any flaws in its design. Both the seamless gutter and hood feature a smooth texture that looks more like crown molding than a tool for water drainage.  Check out our portfolio here.

The main reason is the support of the K-Guard “brackets or hangers,” which mount to the home’s fascia board.  These brackets are installed in a way that allows for the longest “runs” in the industry.  Meaning, if one side of your house is 100 feet, we won’t cut that into multiple sections like our competition.  The seamless run create a much more aesthetically pleasing look for your home.  

When you purchase a K-Guard system we come out ahead of time to get the most accurate details possible. And, when we return to complete the installation, another accurate measurement is taken. We customize gutter runs that precisely fit your roofline.

The Right Size for Proper Drainage

Our gutters handle 40% more water than other leading gutter guard systems.

This doesn’t mean their units are less expensive. On the contrary, other companies will sell their complete system at the same price as ours – if not more. Yet, their smaller size handles less water. Thus, while they may adequately drain, water can still splash and overflow during heavy rains or huge snow melts.

The K-Guard system’s wider and deeper channels handle more water. Furthermore, we use 3”x4” downspouts so the gutters drain at a pace which equals the amount of accumulation.

It’s important to make sure comparisons are apple to apples.  For a complete overview of K-Guard vs. other options, click here.

True Leaf and Debris Free Protection

K-Guard is an enclosed system. Our competitors have closed systems. There is a difference between the two.

A standard protection system has a guard or cover that doesn’t really seal the entire channel because it’s not seamless.  There is still a wide gap on one side where leaves and other debris can slip into its interior. These seams can expand if the cover cracks or bends due to wind or hail. The result is a system which may clog and require regular maintenance.

Our system is truly designed to fit the fascia and handle all water from the roofline to the gutter’s lip and comes complete instead of an afterthought. And, thanks to its seamless construction, no spot exists for anything but water to get through.

Hassle-Free Installation

When a competitor’s system doesn’t work it can cause water damage to the fascia boards, soffit, foundation, and interior walls & windows. It can also cause damage to a property owner’s roof because most systems mount under the shingles.

Unfortunately, when a gutter collapses or breaks away due to high winds, it brings part of the roof with it. In the end, the property owner pays to repair the roof, correct the water damage, and install a new system.

We install our K-Guard gutters directly to the rafter tails or fascia. They are secured with our patented, all-weather hangers so the risk of detachment is nearly eliminated.

As we said, our claims are not boasts. The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System far surpasses our competitors in construction, installation, and durability.  Our reviews speak for themselves; click here.

Learn more on how we excel beyond what our competitors offer. Contact us today for a free estimate on your property.


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