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DIY Home Projects You Should & Shouldn’t Tackle

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There are many different types of homeowners: those who hire professionals for everything, those who ask family and friends to help, and those who DIY every project big or small. DIYing a home project can be rewarding when you successfully install, replace, or build yourself! 

There are, however, some home projects that you should never DIY. If you’re a homeowner and you’ve been considering replacing and updating some fixtures and components of your home, then continue reading as we discuss some DIY home projects you should and shouldn’t tackle.


DIY Projects You Should Tackle

There are plenty of DIY projects that are safe and easy enough for the average homeowner to complete on their own. Below are some projects you should tackle including some indoor and outdoor ideas.



You don’t need to hire a professional to tackle less complex gardening and landscaping projects. Swapping out plants, adding mulch, building a brand new garden bed – whatever your landscaping needs, you can most likely DIY it yourself, with your family, or with help from some friends. You can do many things to improve your landscaping without having to hire a professional. 



Grab your paint brushes and rollers because painting is a project that you can and should DIY! Hiring a professional painting service can cost thousands of dollars, so why not do it yourself? As long as you’re comfortable using a ladder for long periods then you should be fine painting the interior of your home. Depending on how many rooms, ceilings, baseboards, or doors you’re going to be painting, you may want to enlist the help of a friend to help speed things up and make it more fun.


Install Flooring

Whether your home’s flooring is older or just doesn’t suit your needs or style, you may want to consider replacing it. Many homeowners hire a professional flooring installation company to install a new floor, however, paying for their labor can get pricey fast. Once you decide which flooring you’d like to install, do some extensive research to learn how to remove your existing flooring and how to install the new flooring. Ripping up old flooring and installing new flooring can be time-consuming, but it can be done with the help of friends or family or on your own. 


DIY Projects You Shouldn’t Tackle

Installing a New Roof

You may be thinking you can DIY a roof installation project since you’ve been on there before to install Christmas lights. Scaling a roof to install Christmas lights can be unsafe, but scaling a roof to attempt to DIY a new roof installation is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted. Yes, replacing a roof can be expensive, however, roofing professionals have the training and experience needed to remove an existing roof and install a new one safely. Many serious injuries can occur as a result of accidentally slipping off a roof. Don’t attempt to install a new roof yourself – leave it up to professionals.


Electrical Work

While replacing light switches is a relatively easy DIY project, you should leave electrical work for the professionals. Whether you’re wanting to install a new light fixture, replace an electrical panel, or demolish something in your home that has electrical components, do not attempt to do it yourself. Trying to do electrical work around your home could result in fire hazards and even shock. In addition to the dangers of doing electrical work yourself, you also run the risk of having whatever you replace or install not being up to code, resulting in a failed home inspection.


Replacing the Gutters

Replacing the gutters on a home is a meticulous and dangerous task that should be left to professionals. When you attempt to replace gutters yourself not only are you putting yourself at risk of serious injury, but you’re also putting your home at risk. Incorrect gutter installation can be disastrous, causing extreme damage to your home. When a gutter or downspout is installed incorrectly, your home’s soffit and fascia boards, siding, landscaping, foundation, and roof are at risk of severe damage. 

Reputable gutter installation companies in Kansas City have the experience needed to remove existing gutters and install a new gutter system safely and efficiently. It can be dangerous to climb a ladder and tear off an old gutter system, carry heavy gutter components, and install a new gutter system if you aren’t experienced. DIYing a gutter installation project also limits the type of gutter system you can install and the protection it can offer. Many homeowners that install a gutter system themselves opt to install vinyl gutters – a big no-no in the Heartland. Our area experiences heavy rainfall, snow, ice storms, and strong wind gusts, all of which can easily ruin a vinyl gutter system.

A DIY gutter installation job could result in severe injury and improper installation. A properly installed gutter system is crucial to protect your home from damage, especially here in the Heartland where we experience all sorts of weather conditions.

Luckily, the installation team at K-Guard has decades of experience installing the K-Guard System and has thousands of happy customers across the Heartland. Our seamless gutter product eliminates the risk of clogs and drainage issues, ultimately protecting your home.

DIYing a home project can be thrilling and rewarding. Keep in mind the projects above that shouldn’t be tackled by homeowners and the ones that should be. Your safety is paramount and should never be compromised to do a project yourself.

If you need a new gutter system, contact our team today or call (913) 380-1616 to schedule your free estimate for installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. We’ll examine your current gutter system and will offer an assessment as well as our recommendations for installing the K-Guard System in your home. We offer our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations:


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