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The Lifetime Cost Savings of Maintenance Free Gutters

We live in a hectic world. It seems each hour of the day is filled with something – be it work, family, or activities. Even the weekends, once a haven for decompressing, seemed to be packed with your children’s extracurricular activities and a list of tasks to catch up on before the new week begins.

Maintenance Free is a Must

This is why people try to make their lives as maintenance free as possible. So, they have their groceries delivered, order household items online, and ask Alexa to remind them of scheduled events. They also hire people to paint their homes, repair their cars, and maintain their yards. Curiously, people still climb ladders every few months to manually clean wet leaves and debris from their gutters.  Or worse, replace covers that never worked in the first place.

What is Your Time Worth?

We understand that maintenance free gutters are not top on the list of home improvement.  Gutters get relegated to the back of the list after higher priority projects, such as kitchens and baths have been completed. 

But we’d like you to take a step back and picture this:  how would it feel to know that you’ll never have to climb a ladder again to clean the gutters?  Since K-Guard gutters are guaranteed maintenance free over the lifetime of the home, over the years, it can add up to a hundred hours more of time saved simply cleaning gutters.

Now, how are you going to spend that extra hundred hours?  Traveling?  With your family?  Playing golf or wine tasting in Napa? 

What is Your Personal Safety Worth?

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, roughly 500K people are treated for ladder related injuries.  Installing maintenance free gutters eliminates this possibility that you are in that statistic due to cleaning gutters.  In the unlikely event there is an issue, we will fix it at no charge to you. 

What Can Eliminating Repair Costs be Worth?

When gutters get clogged it starts a chain reaction. Splash back from overflowing channels softens the areas around the soffit and fascia, which can lead to wood rot. Water that pours down the foundation leads to cracks and the potential for mold around windows, doors, and basement areas. In addition, the weight of the debris, combined with the water and gutters themselves, can cause them to break away from their hanging brackets, damaging the foundation and roofline.

We consistently see damage from regular/open gutters due to insufficient drainage, causing tens of thousands in repairs.

How important are lower electric bills?

If water from overflowing gutters splashes against exposed rafters, it may start to leak into your attic or crawlspace. In turn, this can fall onto the insulation that keeps your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Should this happen, the fiberglass or cellulose starts to degrade.

As the insulation loses its efficiency, you’ll start to feel the effects inside your home, leading to an increase or decrease the thermostat’s temperature, hence, raising your electric bills. In addition, you’ll end up paying for replacement insulation.

Maintenance free gutters won’t let this happen. Since they don’t get clogged, your insulation will continue to balance the interior temperature for its lifespan.

Can K-Guard Lower My Water Bills?

In a previous post, we talked about how a water retention system can help save money on water bills.  The concept is simple:  rain water or snow melt is “free” and runs through the gutters to the downspouts. If allowed by your HOA, you can place rain barrels at the downspouts to collect runoff. Or, it can be gathered in retention tanks or ponds.

Once there’s a sufficient amount of water, it can be used to wash cars, clean the exterior of your home, or irrigate your gardens. Because there’s no need to waste gallons of water from the public utility on these tasks, your bill goes down significantly.

Once You Add Up the Value, the Investment is Marginal

We discussed the many advantages “beyond the gutters,” that can add value to your life.  K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters can open up an extra hundred hours of free time, prevent injury (or worse), and be a preventative force in costly home repairs.

Estimates are always free, and we service the Kansas City metro, as well as the entire states of Kansas and Missouri.  Doesn’t matter if you’re in Overland Park, Topeka, Manhattan, Columbia, Jefferson City, or St. Louis.  Call us today at 913-229-7550 and let us add value to your life beyond the gutters.


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