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K-Guard vs. Gutter Covers

Top corner of house showing the K-Guard Gutter Guard - K-Guard Heartland

I’m Carter. Owner of K-Guard gutters, and I’m here to talk to you about add on covers that go over your existing gutters versus K-Guard gutters.

Covers go over the top of your existing gutters but can lead to some issues. The first issue is the way it mounts.  Cover companies actually peel back the shingles of your roof, and then they nail it down to the roof. That is a big problem because it voids the warranty.  Owens Corning mentions in their roof warranty that if you puncture the roof it voids the warranty. So what’s the point of having a 40 year roof if you puncture it after three years.

For example, if you ever notice water in your house you would most likely call your roofer and say, “Hey, what’s the deal?” Your roofer is going to come out it’s not their problem because you punctured the roof.  Not a good situation.

With K-Guard gutters it’s a full system that attaches to fascia board.  K-Guard will never void your roof’s warranty.

Winter also raises a key issue with gutter covers. You’ve heard that water over a bridge is more likely to freeze than the rest of the road because air goes under the bridge and cools the bridge. Well the same thing happens with metal covers. In the winter, water is going to run down your roof, hits the cover and freeze.  Because your shingles are on top of the cover, the ice is going to peel that back and all of a sudden waters going to be getting under that roof.

We also have a rear drainage channel in the back that allows for the melted ice and snow to drain into the gutter versus building up.

Covers often come in boxes that are usually 6 to 8 foot sections which are pieced together. The downfall of that is certain sections will blow off in the wind whereas with K-Guard gutters, it’s completely made seamless on-site to custom fit your house.  It’s also going to be attached by their end caps so you never have to worry about it blowing off.

A final key issue with gutter covers is that you’re often dealing with subcontractors.  Since every roof is different, they’re going to be dealing with different pitched (steepness) roofs.  Well, subcontractors aren’t installing this every day so every once in a while they don’t get it right and that causes water to overshoot or create problems.

With K-Guard gutters you don’t have to worry about subcontractors. All of our installers our employed by K-Guard.  On top of that we don’t attach to the roof or shingles so you don’t have to worry about us taking a break and having to bend it on site.  K-Guard is custom-made on site and fits perfectly into the brackets every single time.


Beware of the Gutter Cover Lifetime Warranty

They say “lifetime warranty,” but most likely they’re giving you a lifetime warranty on just the cover.  But they’re not giving a warranty to your existing gutters, which they’re mounting the cover over. So let’s say your gutters are undersized or they are pitched improperly or they’re leaking.  None of that is under warranty. With K-Guard gutters we warranty everything because we are a complete system.

Peace of Mind – 3 Lifetime Warranties

We come with a lifetime no clog warranty.  A lifetime, no pull away or fall off warranty and a lifetime paint and finish warranty that’s all transferable to the new homeowner if you ever decide to sell your house.

I’m Carter with K-Guard gutters. Give us a call today at 913-229-7550 for a free estimate.  We service all of Kansas and Missouri.


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